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    Bloodred Sunset (VERY STRICT RP!!! But it's still fun. :3)


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    Bloodred Sunset (VERY STRICT RP!!! But it's still fun. :3)

    Post by Sceinic on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:47 am

    You are standing on the deck of a large airship, a small group of people in olive green uniforms flanking you. You drape your arms lazily over the rail and watch the scenery below you. "Hey.." You turn to a teammate who gives you a sad look. "You know, all these houses will drown in bloodshed if those vampires aren't stopped." You nod solemnly and gaze at the land below, eyes narrowed. You notice a small boy skip happily out of a house and run across the fields, playing ball with a chocolate lab. You smile and stand straight, stretching. A teammate follows suit and soon everyone in the group is preparing to walk back inside, when the commander walks onto the deck. He was a tall, brown haired guy, probably in his late teens. His mother had been killed by a vampire, and his eyes never seemed happy. You and your teammates raise your hands to your forehead in a salute. "I see you guys have been lazying out here on deck. A teammate opens his mouth in protest, but you step on his foot before he has a chance to do so. The commander smirks and turns to him. "It doesn't matter. I have something for the lot of you to see." He leads you to the den, where the television had been turned to the news. A woman with light brown hair and glasses was speaking. "-the vampires' victim this time seems to have been a small child in the suburbs. As the screen changes, your breath catches in your throat. The figure laying in a pool of blood was the little boy who was playing with his dog.

    Your Mission:
    Your mission is to kill off the evil vampire race, before they kill you. Their mission is to kill the weak and recruit as many people as possible for their vampire army. There's a difference there, is there not? Do the best you can to protect your kind, and the balance of the world you know and love.


    Commander: Lucas (Roleplayed by Sceinic)
    Deputy: Cameron (Roleplayed by CamCam9999)
    Soldiers: Grace (Roleplayed by Sceinic)
    Slots still open.
    Soldiers in training: Open

    Leader: Open
    Admins: Onyx (Roleplayed by Sceinic) - Slots left: 5
    Vampires: Kimi (Roleplayed by Sceinic)


    Age (Must be at least 15 to join the group):

    You MUST pm me to join!! This is a limited slot RP!!

    This RP will commence when we fill the Admins, Leader, and Deputy spots, and we get a few Vampires and Soldiers.

    ☢ CAUTION ☢
    ☢ CAUTION ☢

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    Re: Bloodred Sunset (VERY STRICT RP!!! But it's still fun. :3)

    Post by Okuu on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:49 am

    Ooh! Can I be the leader?

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