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    Sonic Riders

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    Sonic Riders

    Post by Rhys the Porcupine on Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:43 pm

    Sonic Riders is a racing video game spin-off produced by Sega and developed by Sonic Team in cooperation with NowPro, for the Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. It is the fourth racing game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, preceded by Sonic Drift, Sonic Drift 2, and Sonic R. The game was released to start off the 15th anniversary of the release of the series. This game introduces five new playable characters, the Babylon Rogues and the E-10000 series. This game splits the story into two halves, the Heroes Story (Team Sonic) and Babylon Story (Babylon Rogues). Both stories start differently, and eventually overlap. Both stories are only told from the point of view of the specified characters. The Babylon Story also includes an epilogue, which expands past the Heroes Story and includes the final boss. You can talk about the Heroes Story, Babylon Story, gameplay, music, missions, characters, extreme gear, or even the stages themselves. Anything else I didn't mention, let us know in the topic.


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