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    Pokemon: New Dawn


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    Pokemon: New Dawn

    Post by Sceinic on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:20 am

    Dawn light filtered in through Emily's window. She blinked open her eyes and sat up. I'm getting a Pokemon today! She got out of bed and got dressed quickly as she could, and grabbed the backpack she had packed the previous night. Before she walked out of the door, she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Emily." She turned around, seeing her mother standing behind her. "I'll be fine, mum. I'm twelve now." Her mom sighed and hugged her. "Just promise me you'll be careful." Emily rolled her eyes. "Once again, mum, I'll be fine." She waved goodbye, and went over to the shed, digging out her bicycle. Gosh darnit! A flat tire! She pulled out the bicycle pump. I'm going to be late if I don't hurry! After restoring the air in the tire, she rode up the driveway. I haven't seen the Professor in forever! I remember going to his lab and playing with the pokemon there. But now, I'm going to get my own. She pulled up beside the lab and locked her bike to the rack. As the doors pulled open, Professor Elm looked up from his studies. "Oh, hello there. You must be one of the beginning trainers. Well come along, then, we have the starters right over here." Emily followed him into a small room. Strange beeping machines sat in a corner, and a plain oak table stood in the middle, with three pokeballs. "These three pokemon are Johto's starters. Every region has a Water, Fire, and Grass type starter. Ours are Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chickorita. Once you choose, they will be your lifelong partner. Train them, battle them, befriend them, and there will be NOTHING you cannot do!" Emily took a step forward. "I've been thinking a long time about this. All of these are truly magnificent pokemon, Professor, but my choice is clear- Totodile, I choose you!" She picked up the pokeball, and gasped as the circle in the middle glowed. Professor Elm gave her a pokedex and pokeballs. "I'm sure Totodile will support you forever." Emily's eyes glowed. I'm a Pokemon Trainer!!

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