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    Daniel's Art Competition

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    ☢ CAUTION ☢

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    Daniel's Art Competition

    Post by Okuu on Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:53 pm

    Alright, guys, I'm setting up a little competition of artistic awesomeness here. Your art MUST be based around the subject of the prompt to be considered. Now, this season's prompt is: A Groudon eating kittens from a box.
    Special rules:
    1) If I can't tell that it's eating them, then it is just a Groudon with a box of kittens. You can draw it with a fluffy tail sticking out of its mouth, you can draw it with it holding a kitten over it's gaping maw. Heck, you can draw it holding a salt shaker over the cats for all I care. Just make it clear that it is, in fact, eating them.
    2) It must be colored. Groudon's color palette must be similar to it's normal or shiny color palettes. I don't care if it's body patterns aren't perfect, as long as they are there, aren't outrageously off, and you got its coloration close.
    3) It must be at LEAST 8 in. by 10 in. If it's only slightly smaller, that's fine, I'll take it. However, 6x8 is NOT within the margin of error, alright?
    4) For the love of Arceus, SIGN IT! I don't care if you use your real name or one of your usernames! Don't just leave the fruits of your labor out there for anybody to claim as their own!

    +10 points for color accuracy on Groudon's body.
    +10 for creativity. (i.e. you didn't photoshop a picture of groudon into looking like it was eating cats)
    +50 points for your signature being clearly visible. This should be a no-brainer.
    +10 points for showing your sketches. This should be obvious.
    +10 points for details. If you only draw the bare minimum needed, you won't score as well as somebody who draws the bloody spots on the soil and the air holes in the side of the box.
    +10 points for making me laugh. TFor example, if your Groudon has one hand on its belly and is licking the claws on the other one, with an empty crate labelled "Kittens" next to it, not only would that be creative, but I'd darn near laugh my butt off, too.

    Now, let's see how interesting this gets. You have until the end of this season to complete it.

    Note: Those last two special rules ALWAYS apply, regardless of how many times we've done these competitions.

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