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    Post by Dante' on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:15 pm

    This is just a little short story. I wanted to introduce Azerth and the Infinite Broker personally, I did pretty well. So enjoy the story, I'm still working on chapter 1, but I want you guys to be aware of the characters I'm hosting. Thank you.

    The lonely chamber of where Dante' slept was a bit more eerie than usual. The candle seemed to have dimmed; the window was creaked open so a whisper of wind would penetrate and the soft rain outside made it even more suspicious. Dante' had mitigated through his work of poetry. Writing perpetual verses of love, romance, fear, and death, it possessed him. The moon had chased the sun under the eyes and it was time for rest. Dante' slipped into his night outfit and swayed onto his bed facing up. Though the night was eerie, it pleased Dante'. He took the book he had carried with him and opened it to chapter 23. This book was immensely interesting to Dante' since the book was about a death of his lover. The book reminded him of him while he was with Sarah. After the chapter was done, he closed it and began to get comfortable.
    It was rather difficult for Dante' to get comfortable. It never was a problem but tonight was different. He turned and shifted for a few hours until he finally got him and drank a glass of water. Sleeping never bothered him; it was quite the opposite really. He loved sleeping. His dreams would give him good ideas for his next painting or poetry. His dreams also reminded him of Sarah. Holding hands together, kissing, and even when they first met. He loved to dream his little heart out. He returned to his chamber and attempted to sleep once more. He closed his eyes… but he couldn't open them. He wasn't in his paralysis of dreams and ideas; he was trapped in a nightmare, but no ordinary nightmare…
    Within his trapped nightmare, Dante' was chained to a Catholic cross with a sword wedge in his heart. He was overlooking an abyss of ash and smoke. The earth suddenly rumbled, the cliff he was precariously leaning on began to crumble and Dante', unwillingly, fell into the abyss of flames and fire. While plunging, voices of what seemed to be possessed and corrupted angels. Singing haunting and epic choirs as his crossed he was chained to lodge onto a molten rock. The voices had ceased, all there was… was silence. The earth rattled again, even worse than before. The floor had torn open in front of Dante', his eyes widen in fear and aghast. From the bottomless pit, arose the great deity he had created through his poem, Azerth. With flames erupting as he rose, Azerth looked at Dante' with rage and fury.
    "You called, little artist? Well, your creation has answered!" Azerth's voice was demonic and demented. His voice would shake and pillar down to rubble. "Dante', you really think you can create a team that could take me down? I am the destiny of damnation! I will create the ultimate sundering! "
    Dante' interrupted him in mid-speech.
    "Azerth! My vehement atrocity! I will take you down! My poem may have said you were the victor, but this is not a story, Azerth! Your created destiny is mine, and I will siege your dream and destroy it! "
    The eyes of Azerth ignited in flames.
    "Dante'… you are a fool! You can not cease the inevitable! This world, this vessel you hold dear exist only to burn! The end comes for your weak and feeble species! Everything will burn in my living flame!"
    "You're a fool, Azerth! We will never yield to your tyranny and damnation!"
    "Oh? Dante', you myopic buffoon, the world has already yielded to me! Even now, you title yourself as a misanthrope! That display of total submission shall hammer down the final nail to your somber coffin! There is nothing you can do to stop it! "
    Azerth jerked his blazed arms back and threw a meteor-like flame at Dante'. Once the flame came in contact with him, Dante' reawakened from his trap. It was morning, early morning. It was a vision of the future, a future he must stop. It wasn't a mere objective anymore. This has turned into his destiny to cease Azerth and kill him.
    When Dante' came to his full attention, he noticed a note left on his desk. It wasn't there last night… he opened it and read the letter.
    "Dante', this is a message from Infinitus Intelligence Corporation. We have suggested you wanted help for your sin. Go to our base outside the city of Batha which is a few miles north of Victoria. My assistant, Nyitha, will be waiting. Enter the room and type in the password 'Savior' onto the console. Keep in mind, we are watching you. Don't tell anyone about this message you received. Once in Batha, go into the local store 'Earl's Desserts 'and ask the shopkeeper for a note. Inside the note will be directions to our hidden base. Be careful Dante'. This world is in trouble. It's up to you to save us, but I know you can't do it alone.

    ~ Infinite Broker '
    Dante' was skeptical about the message, but nodded to himself as he did need all the help he can get. He placed his travel clothes on and headed to Batha.

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