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    Pokemon: The Raimu Saga

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    Pokemon: The Raimu Saga Empty Pokemon: The Raimu Saga

    Post by Lime on Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:45 am

    A Fanfic witch includes Pokemon from all regions but most may not be in it.

    Written by: Lime

    Chapter 1: All your Mommys Belong to Us

    "Pfffft, Mom Pokemon are'nt dangerous." said Raimu with a tone,"I said no you cannot have your own Pokemon, who knows what kind of trouble you'd get into." she replied with a glance. Raimu rolled his eyes and walked up stairs of the lab into his room. He always was told Pokemon were dangerous but thats not the reason why his Mom forbid him from having one of his own. A long time ago his Mom loved Pokemon and was a researcher along with his father. They gathered break through information about some species. One day though Raimu's Father went researching at a different town about this rare outbreak of Golbats in a cave, He never came back. The next while Raimu's Mom was cleaning the dishes, the TV reported Raimu's Dad dead. Apparently he was eaten alive by flocks of Golbat who sucked too much blood from him. Raimu's Mom was devistated and closed down the lab thus begining her hatred toward all Pokemon.
    Raimu sat in his room moping around the rest of the day until he went to bed. During the twilight hours he heard a loud bang that startled him. Raimu put on some clothes and ran down stairs. He found a man and a woman wearing weird costumes tieing up his mom. "Settle down lady." said the man,"Or we'll be forced to hurt you." Raimu was then noticed by the woman,"Hey you brat should'nt you be asleep?" Raimu yelled,"Let her go!" The man simply smirked,"I'll teach this kid a lesson, go Cradily!" the man threw out a large and green looking plant with tentacles coming out around it's neck, it resembled the man and woman's costumes. "Cradily use Confuse Ray!" The Cradily shot a large yellow orb at Raimu and swirled around him then suddenly disappeared."Quickly!" shouted the woman,"Let's get out of here before he snaps out of it." The man threw Raimu's Mom over his shoulder then ran off with the woman close behind. Raimu shook his head after wobbling around for a few minutes and looked outside the window at a large truck. Raimu quickly ran outside and was left behind with a cloud of dust but when it cleared away a shiny pokeball was left behind....

    That is it for today I will continue tomorrow if I get people to like it

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    Pokemon: The Raimu Saga Empty Re: Pokemon: The Raimu Saga

    Post by Rhys the Porcupine on Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:44 am

    Nice, the only thing I saw was a typo you made right here.

    During the twilight hours her heard a loud bang that startled him.

    The her should be he.

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    Pokemon: The Raimu Saga Empty Re: Pokemon: The Raimu Saga

    Post by Pure Heart on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:34 am

    Seems very interesting, Lime o:

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    Pokemon: The Raimu Saga Empty Re: Pokemon: The Raimu Saga

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