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    Sonic Drift 2

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    Sonic Drift 2 Empty Sonic Drift 2

    Post by Rhys the Porcupine on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:05 pm

    Sonic Drift 2 586804_2270_front

    Sonic Drift 2 is the sequel to Sonic Drift. It was released in Japan for the Sega Game Gear on March 17, 1995. The European version was released that same month as Sonic Drift Racing, and the North American release in November 1995. It added three characters: Knuckles, Fang the Sniper, and Metal Sonic, and marked the first time the last two were playable characters.

    In the game, Chaos Emeralds are awarded for winning races. If Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy collect all six in the Blue GP, they will face Eggman in a final race around the Death Egg. If Eggman, Metal Sonic or Fang collect all six in the Blue GP, they will face Sonic in the final race.

    Unlike its predecessor, this game was released internationally, and Sega Europe renamed it to Sonic Drift Racing, however, the title screen itself still used the name Sonic Drift 2.

    The game is scheduled to be re-released as a downloadable game for the Nintendo 3DS on it's eShop application in May 2011.

    Sonic Drift 2 Sonic-Drift-2

    Image of the gameplay for Sonic Drift 2.

    There is the small amount of details given about Sonic Drift 2 via Wikipedia. I never played it so I can't give much of an opinion. So, feel free to discuss about Sonic Drift 2 here.

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