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    The Trespasser Saga


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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:08 pm

    *walks up to Shadow and Trespasser* Enough! *slaps both of them hard*
    *Shadow and Trespasser take a step back from Rosalyn*
    Fighting isn't going to help! TAILS!
    Get over here and fly this thing!
    Yes, ma'am!
    *stares at Rosalyn* Glad she ain't yelling at me...
    *Tails sits at one of the computers.*
    Looks like you were right Rosa. Eggmans not on the Egg carrier, and none of his robots are.
    That's not good.
    *Sonic walks up to the front window.*
    But where's he taking us?

    *Shadow walks to the computer tails is at.*
    It can't be any where good. Can you change the destination tails?

    I'll try.

    *Trespasser walks next to Sonic and looks out the front window.*
    Were approaching a city Tails you have to hurry.

    I'm trying, maybe this.
    *They all grab something to steady themselves, as the ship lurches forward, into a nose dive.*
    *Shadow drops to his knees.*

    Shadow what's wrong?
    Get away from me!
    *Rosa garbs tails and runs out the door. But before Sonic and Trespasser can.*
    Chaos Blast!

    *Sonic and Trespasser are blown out the front windows of the bridge and land hard on the nose of the Egg Carrier. With nothing to grab on to they slide down the nose. They get to there feet and start running. They can see the ground coming at them.*
    Hey Trespasser, you want to race?
    Should be fun.
    *They jump and land on the ground, and start running as the Egg carrier slams into the ground behind them. A wave of earth follows them as the Egg carrier plows though the ground. They pull ahead as the carrier slows and stops. The wave of earth land at there feet.*
    Why did Shadow Chaos blast us?
    *The stone, it must be having more effects on him then we thought.*
    And you're completely immune? Shouldn't it have some influance on you since he's your dad?
    I don't know... ... I don't get it though, when we fought XUR, he used Chaos Blast, but somehow did it so that it passed harmlessly over Mom and me. Why didn't he do that this time...?

    Well, at least we stoped. Bit extreme don't you think?
    Desperate times, desperate measures. ... *sways*
    Hey! Shadow! *runs over and supports him*
    Uh, I shouldn't have been able to pull that off with the core blocking my Chaos powers. That took a lot out of me. I'll be fine once I rest.
    *is looking out window* Looks like Sonic and Trespasser are o.k. Come on! *flies out window down to them*
    *leans against Rosalyn*
    Exactly how much did you put into that blast?
    Nearly everything. That's why I couldn't stop it from hitting Trespasser and Sonic. I just need to rest a bit. Give me five minutes...
    Can you walk and rest?
    *they walk out of Egg carrier*

    What will we do about the Core?
    I don't know.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:25 pm

    *Shadow and Rosa walk up to Trespasser, Sonic and Tails.*
    What happened? why did you Chaos blast us?
    Yeah. I knew you had a short temper Shadow but man.
    I'm sorry, I couldn't control it.
    What do you mean?
    I don't like this. I have complete control over my power, but I could feel it charge up, I didn't start it.
    Do you think this has something to do with the core of the Black comet?
    There's a good chance.
    That's it.
    That's why XUR wanted the Core and why XUR was so interested in me. I had Shadow's Chaos ability's and XUR could control me, but for some reason I'm not effected by the Core. With the Core XUR could control Shadow, and use me without being affected.
    But why aren't you affected?
    Maybe because Shadow was created by Black Doom, he probable made some kind of connection to the core. Since I was created another way, I inherited Shadow's Chaos ability's but not that connection.
    ...And I thought I'd rid myself of all ties to Doom... At least it's not both of us.
    What...if we destroyed the Core? What would happen?
    Beats me.
    How should I know?
    I should have destroyed it in the first place... I don't want to go near it... I don't know what will happen if I lose control again...
    If we're going to destroy it, someone has to go back in there. Where Eggman may still have control over parts of the ship.
    In that case, there's safety in numbers. Including you, Shadow.
    Do I have to go back in there?
    (All) Yes!

    *They all walk back in the now grounded Egg Carrier. They walk back to the large round room with the Core in the Center.*
    How are you feeling? Shadow.
    Alright, I don't feel anything.
    *Trespasser looks confused.*
    Neither do I!
    *Trespasser runs up to the Core and hit's it.*

    It's a fake!
    Muhahaha. Do you think I'd leave the core out in the open for you.
    *Eggman lowers from the ceiling in one of his robots.*

    Eggman, is it the real you or another one of you robots?
    Either way, I'm going to destroy him.
    I don't think it will be that easy.
    Oh yeah!
    Get a load of this!
    *Eggman pushes a button and Shadow drops to his knees.*

    Grr.. Chaos Blast!
    *The others are hit by Shadow's Chaos Blast, They are hurt but not down.*
    How did you?
    Control you.
    *Eggman turns his robot around and show them that the Core of the Black Comet is attached to it.*

    With the Core of the Black Comet, I can do what I wanted since I found you Shadow. Control you!
    *Eggman pushes the button again.*

    Noo.. Chaos Blast!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:46 pm

    ...Get out of here! Leave me! You'll get hurt!
    *Sonic and Tails flee, Rosalyn doesn't move, and Trespasser hesitates*
    What are you waiting for!? GO! AGH! *tries and fails to hold back another Chaos Blast*
    *they get knocked back*
    *manages to brace herself and stays standing* I'm not going to leave you behind, Shadow. I can't.
    *gets to feet* I won't go either. We'll figure something out, Dad.
    You really think that you can free him!?! Wahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is going to be a real treat! Shadow, kill them.
    NO! NEVER! *struggles to control himself and loses* *blasts Trespasser and Rosalyn*
    *both fly back and hit a wall*
    *walks over to them with tears in his eyes*
    First, kill Trespasser. *pushes button* Do it!
    *looks Rosalyn in the eye*
    You don't have to. You do what you choose to do. If you were too strong for XUR, I know you're too strong for him. *moves infront of Trespasser*
    I don't want to do this!
    Then don't. Fight it with everything you've got. I trust you, I know you can beat it.
    *weaps openly now, and resists with every fiber of his being*
    *Trespasser thinks of an Idea.*
    Do it!

    Grr. No!
    *Trespasser gets up and starts running.*
    Dad! do it!

    Do it!
    *Shadow follow's trespasser*
    *Trespasser jumps*
    Chaos Spear!
    *To late did Eggman realize that, Trespasser jumped right in front of him when Shadow fired his Chaos Spear.*
    *The spear missed Trespasser and went for Eggman. Eggman turn his robot but the spear hits the Core.*

    *The core brakes up. A bright light come from within the core. The light fills the room.*
    All: AHhhh.

    *Trespasser wakes up Shivering. He puts his hands on the ground to push him self up, but they sink in. He opens his eyes and sees snow. He gets up and sees he is in a valley covered in snow and it is snowing, he puts his arms around him self and tries to get warm. He looks around to see if anyone else came here with him but there is no one around.*
    I better get out of here before I freeze my tail off. Chaos Control!
    *Nothing, Trespasser remains right where he is.*
    *Trespasser's head drops.*


    *Shadow wakes up to searing heat. He opens his eyes and is blinded by a bright light. He puts his arm up to block the light and sees he's in a desert. He feels he already has a sunburned face.*
    Uh. Time to get out of here. Chaos Control.
    *Nothing. Shadow remains right where he is.*
    No. oh no.

    Rosa wakes to the sound of birds, See looks to see she's in a forest. But she has no idea where she is, or where the others are.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:43 am

    Great... Guess I better start waliking... *shields eyes from the sun* Ugh, I had to end up in a desert! Times like this I wish my fur wasn't black ...I better come across some water soon... I'm already parched. *judges directions and heads north* At least the Core is gone now...

    What? Why can't I use Chaos Control!? *shivers* Did Eggman cause this? Or does it have something to do with the Core's destruction? BRRRR! If I don't keep moving, I'm going to freeze! *trudges south* Man I wish I had more then this vest to wear right now

    What? Where am I? How did I get here? Shadow? Trespasser? Hello? Anybody? ...
    *no one answers*
    Where are they? *looks around baffled*

    *Sonic Wakes to the sound of waves. He opens his eyes to see he's on a beach.*
    All right, finally I can relax.
    *Sonic puts his arms behind his head and lays back.*

    Yawn! *falls asleep*

    *Tails wakes to heat on his face, he opens his eyes and sees he's on a ledge, with his head hanging over, above a pool of lava.*
    Wow, ha, that was close.
    *looks around.*
    Where am I. Where are the others.
    *walks away and starts looking for the others.*[/color]

    *stops to catch breath after running full speed for a couple of hours* Finally got out of that desert! So thirsty... *looks up, sees mountais capped with snow* Water! It's frozen, but it's water! *hears something*
    *sees small avalanch barreling towards him* ... Exclamation Wait a sec! Snow doesn't scream!
    *Avalance of snow stops just in front of Shadow. Trespasser is sitting on top.*
    *looks up* Oh, hi, Dad.
    *lets himself fall into the snow* Boy, I'm glad to see you!
    *looks at Shadow lying in snow* You feeling ok, Dad?
    *swallows handfull of snow and points toward desert* I just came through that. No water.
    Oh. Where's Mom? She's not with you?
    *shakes head* We'll have to find her.
    What about Sonic and Tails?
    I don't think they were close enough to get caught up in whatever transported us...

    *wanders forest, lost and calling out for Shadow and Trespasser*

    *Trespasser and Shadow are walking, looking for a clue of where the others might be.*
    Least you were somewhere warm.
    *looks behind him.*
    My tail still hasn't thawed.

    Do you have any idea what it's like to have a sunburn on your whole body.
    Do you have any Idea What snow in...
    Tails! How did you find us.
    I heard you two arguing a mile away.
    What about Rosa?
    And sonic, have you seen him?
    Maybe if we get up higher. Like to the top of that tree.
    And how do we do that with out Chaos Control?
    The old fasion way.
    Uh. I wouln't have to if I could use Choas Control.
    *Flash Shadow apperes on the top of the tree.*
    Hey, it worked. Choas Control!
    Grr, it's not working again.
    Maybe it needs time to charge or something.
    Uh, Then how do I get down?
    *smiles* The old fasion way!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:57 am

    Ok, you want to be a smart aleck? Fine! *waits until Tails and Trespasser have turned their backs* GERANIMO!!! *jumps and lands on Tails and Trespasser* That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks for breaking my fall! problem...
    You did that on purpose, Dad!
    *pulls Trespasser and Tails to their feet* Did what?
    Nevermind... Let's go find Mom.
    *Shadow, Trespasser and Tails now look for Sonic and Rosa.*
    *Trespasser holds his head.*

    What's wrong?
    From when I landed on you?
    No, It started awhile back.
    Hey, I can smell the Ocean.
    We should check it out.
    We should keep looking for the others.
    Maybe one of them is there?
    It's worth a look.
    Can we?
    Yeah, can we?

    *Tails and Trespasser run onto the beach*
    *stops running*
    You sure you're ok?
    Yeah. I'm fine. Like you always say, right Dad? *rubs forehead while he speaks*
    ...If you say so...
    Sorry... HEY! Sonic! Guys! I found Sonic!
    *Shadow and Trespasser hurry over to Tails*
    Hmph! Tripped over me, more like it. So much for my nap... ... Is someone missing?
    Yeah, Mom. We don't know where she ended up.
    Then we shouldn't just stand here talking! Let's go! *takes off running*
    *Tails, Shadow and Trespasser follow, Shadow drops back when he notices Trespasser lagging behind*
    What's wrong?
    Headache...worse... *collapses*
    *catches Trespasser* SONIC! TAILS! HOLD ON A MINUTE!
    Rosa still walking though the forest now become more and more worried as time goes on.
    Shadow! Trespasser! Uh, Where am I?

    *Shadow holding Trespasser watches Sonic and Tails running towards him, When something catches Shadow's eye.*
    *But it's to late, a missile hit right between Sonic and Tails, sending them head over heals.*
    *Robot after robot lands, surrounding Shadow And Trespasser.*
    Not now.

    *Rosa hears the explosion and runs towards it.*
    *Eggman, in the damaged remains of the robot that was carrying the Block Comet Core, Fly's over Shadow and Trespasser.*
    Oh, I'm sorry Shadow, is this a bad time?
    *Shadow lays Trespasser down, and stand to face Eggman.*
    Not feeling Talkitive Shadow?

    *Rosa comes out of the forest and watches Shadow attack Eggman. But sees one of the other robots pick up Trespasser.*

    *But another robot lands behind her and grabs her.*
    Uh, Shadow!
    *Shadow turns and sees the robots carry off Trespasser and Rosa.*
    *Eggman's robot hit's Shadow to the ground and fly's off following the other robots.*
    *Shadow get's up and runs after them.*
    Chaos Control.

    *Shadow starts to run after them again but stops and looks back to sonic and Tails. Still unconscious.*

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:06 am

    *stares at Sonic and Tails for a moment* ... Family first. *turns back on Sonic and Tails and runs after Eggman*

    Ohohohohoho! I'm not sure exactly why Shadow's Chaos Control isn't working, but I'm certainly not complaining. Shadow is going to pay for what he did to my lovely robots. And for disobeying my orders and destroying the Core.
    Then why take us?
    Because Shadow is so resiliant, at least physically. So I'm going to hit him where it counts: those he holds closest to his heart. You, dearie, he is clearly fond of. *looks at Trespasser* And you, little liar, he seems convinced that you are his son. Certainly he looks after you as though you were. No matter. I'll get the truth from you once and for all when we get back to my base. All I need to do is look at your genetic profile. That will tell us all whether or not Shadow really is your "father".
    (weakly) He IS my dad! He IS!
    *spots Shadow following them on the ground* You know he won't let you get away with this.
    Oho, I want him to arrive just in time to see your demise, girly. That will break his spirit.
    That's what you think. He's not letting you get away even now.
    Huh!? *turns to see Shadow rushing over the landscape, swiftly closing the distance between them* NO! How did he catch up so fast!
    *stares at Sonic and Tails for a moment* ... Family first. *turns back on Sonic and Tails and runs after Eggman*
    It doesn't matter, We'll start the test now. First let's see which one of you he like's best.
    *Eggman pushes a button and his robots split up. The one with Trespasser heads off over the ocean, the robot with Rosa fly's off over the forest Rosa just came out of, and Eggman keeps going straight. The rest of the robots go after Shadow.*
    *Shadow stops and looks at the Robots taking Trespasser and Rosa, Then the ones coming right for him.*
    *Shadow ready's himself.*

    Eggman! I'll get you for this! *smashes through one robot after another until none are left* *looks in the three directions* Dammit! I shouldn't have to choose between Rose and Trespasser! If Rose were here though, she'd tell me to help Trespasser first... That's what I'll do, then. *looks over shoulder after Rosalyn, longing to be in two places at once*
    *Shadow runs full speed with his jet boots over the surface of the water following the robot carrying Trespasser.*
    *Eggman looks and sees Shadow,*

    Muhahaha. Good choice Shadow.
    *Eggman pushes a button, and a bright green light come from under the water under shadow.*
    What the!
    *A bright green laser hits Shadow.*
    Mahahaha. Perfect shot. Take him.
    *One of Eggman's robots picks up Shadow floating on the water's surface.*

    Wake up Trespasser.
    WAKE UP!
    Eggman! Where am I?
    *Trespasser is strapped to a table. Eggman standing over him.*
    In a safe place. Hmhmhm.
    Where are the others?
    Calm down, the right here.
    *Eggman steps to the side a shows Trespasser, that Shadow and Rosa are also strapped to tables. Though Shadow, Still unconscious, has more straps holding him down.*
    Now it's time to begian the test.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:14 am

    Test!? What test!?
    You'll find out shortly! Wahahahah!!!
    *looks over at Trespasser* We'll get out of this somehow!
    Oh, you think so, huh? I've taken every precaution to ensure that you are all helpless to do nothing but watch! Now don't go anywhere, I'll be right back. *slinks off and leaves Rosalyn, Trespasser, and Shadow alone*
    Shadow! SHADOW! HEY!
    Dad! Wake up Dad!
    *stris* Ugh...tell me someone got the licence plate number of that truck that hit me...
    *opens eyes* Rose!? Trespasser!? *tries to get up* What! What is this!
    We're Eggman's prisoners...
    Well, we are.
    We've got to get out of here! *struggles to get free*

    *Sonic and Tails finale wake up.*
    Uh, what hit us?
    I think it was a missile.
    Trespasser! something was wrong.
    Where are they?
    *Sonic points to a track in the sand.*
    The sand is blown away, that must be Shadow's jet boots.
    Let's follow them.
    *Sonic and Tails follow the tracks when the turn into the Ocean.*
    (Scratches his head) He went for a swim?
    If he was going fast enough, he could glide over the waters surface.
    But where did he go?
    Out there I imagine. He was probably chasing Eggman or something.
    Then why aren't Trespasser's tracks here as well?
    Maybe Eggman grabbed Trespasser! Remember how he thought Trespasser was lying when he said Shadow was his dad?
    Yeah, although I honestly still find that a bit hard to believe... How the heck are we suppose to track him over water?
    We could get a boat if we had a trail to follow...
    (hydophobia kicks in) No way! I'm not going anywhere near that ocean. I don't want to get thrown overboard.
    Then what do you suggest we do?
    Chill out! *points back at beach*

    *Eggman walks back in.*
    *Shadow, Trespasser and Rosa all struggle to get loose.*
    Humph, That won't do any good, I was able to measure Shadow's strength when he last escaped. Even he can't break these restraints.
    *He walks over to Trespasser.*
    Now this won't hurt...Me, Muhahaha.
    *Eggman holds up a syringe and sticks into Trespasser's arm.*

    *Then walks over to Shadow with another and does the same.*
    Your going to regret this Eggman.
    Humph, just remember Shadow I'm always a step ahead.
    *Rosa Expects her turn is next but Eggman walks right past her, and out of the room.*
    *Shadow Continues To struggle to free himself.*
    *Trespasser and Rosa look at each other confused.*
    Why didn't he take a sample of your blood?
    I don't know.
    Probably because, he's only interested in knowing if I'm really your father.
    *Trespasser quickly turns his head and looks to the other side of the room.*
    What is it?
    Thought I heard someone say my name.
    *They all look but no one is there.*
    Don't go crazy on us now, son.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:21 am

    I won't. Maybe it was just Eggman talking to himself and his voice echoed or something... How exactly is Eggman going to use our blood to prove to himself that you're my dad?
    Probably going to compare our DNA. *continues to struggle*
    Maybe we shouldn't struggle. Yet.
    *Shadow and Trespasser look at Rosalyn quizzically*
    Maybe we should save our strength. He has to unstrap us sooner or later. Then we can make a break for it.

    *plugs blood samples into computer and runs analysis*
    *results pop up*
    WHAT! That can't be! Rerun test.
    *same results*
    *sits in chair, weak kneed*
    *computer screen reads that the odds of Trespasser being Shadow's son are 100%*
    *Eggman looks at the screen and leans back in his chair.*

    That's very interesting.
    *Eggman thinks.*
    This could work to my advantage.

    *Eggman walks back into the room with Shadow, Trespasser, and Rosa.*
    *He walks to the table with Trespasser, unlocks the wheels and pushes the table.*

    Eggman, where are you taking him?
    *Eggman doesn't answer.*
    I'll be alright.

    Come on Sonic!
    No way!
    *Tails is pulling Sonic by the leg, on to a boat, but Sonic won't let go of the dock.*
    We have to help Shadow.
    He can take care of him self. He's good like that.
    Fine! If you won't help, I'll go by my self! *pushes Sonic back into the sand* Hmph! You can be really selfish sometimes, you know. *jumps into boat and turns on engine*
    *watches Tails leave, then settles in for a nap*

    Where's he taking Trespasser?
    I don't know, but if Eggman hurts him, he's dead meat!

    Where are you taking me? What do you want with me?
    You'll find out shortly. ... It seems that you were being honest with me all along. You are indeed Shadow's son. Your presance has revealed a weakness I never knew he had.
    Wh-what weakness!
    Before you showed up, I would never have guessed that Shadow has a kind heart. And I'm going to use you to control him!
    If he values your life, he will do exactly as I say! Wahahahah!!!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:38 am

    No, I won't let you do this.
    Time to go to sleep now.
    Eggman injects Trespasser with something, and he falls asleep.
    I'm sure I'll have better luck with you then Shadow.

    Meanwhile Shadow and Rosa continue to try to free themselves.
    What taking them so long?
    I don't know.
    I'm getting worried.
    It's ok, he's a tough kid.
    He get's that from you.
    I was about to say the same thing, about you.
    The door opens Eggman pushes a table with Trespasser on it, he's unconscious.
    Eggman. What did you do to him?
    Settle down, Shadow. He's just asleep.
    Eggman leaves the room.

    Wake up.
    Who's there.
    Trespasser wakes up, he sits up and looks around. He's in a cell with bars all around him.
    Where are you?
    Get up. Over here.
    Trespasser get's up and heads towards the voice. He walks by a piece of shiny metal and looks at his reflection.
    It's good to see myself.
    XUR? But I left you in your world.
    It's like your father said, I was in you for 23 years, A part of me remained. Just memories, personality. Then the blast form the Core of the Black Comet, Separated me from your mind.
    It was your Idea to destroy the Core, you set me free.
    I thank you, Trespasser.

    Why won't he wake up?
    Shadow and Rosa continue to try to wake up Trespasser who still lies on the Table, unconscious.
    I don't know.
    I don't like this.
    Pity we don't have a great big alarm clock...
    Trespasser, please! If you can hear me, wiggle your fingers!
    *finger twitches*
    Well, that's a bit of good news. Whatever Eggman did, it was more than simple sedation. ... TRESPASSER! SON! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, OPEN YOUR EYES!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:39 am

    Uh, Come on trespasser, wake up.

    Get out of me XUR!
    Not yet, It's not time.
    While you asleep, I was awake, and saw what Eggman was doing to you.
    It's quite an impressive idea, That will be very useful to me.
    What are you talking about.
    I'll be back soon.
    A black cloud comes out of Trespasser's head and goes into the floor. Then the door to the room opens and Eggman walks in.
    Oh, goodie you're awake.
    What are you planning, Eggman?
    Do you really want me to ruin the surprise.
    Where are Shadow and Rosa?
    There fine, There testing my latest creation. But now it's time to go to a more secluded place.
    Eggman pushes a button and the building there in begins to shake.

    What's going on?
    Why is everything shacking?
    I don't know.

    At the same time Tails is in a boat looking for Shadow.
    Uh, there's nothing out here.
    Tails turns back for shore, when he hears a strange noise.
    What is that?
    Than a huge wave over tacks him.
    Sonic hear's him and get's up.
    Sonic watches as the wave get's bigger, but something comes out from under the water, something big.
    The object clears the water and fly's higher and higher into the sky. Sonic can clearly see it's the ARK.
    Sonic is confused, as the ARK was destroyed only a few days ago.

    What's going on.
    Muhahaha. Welcome aboard the ARK 2.
    ... *stares intently at Trespasser* Shadow... Something's not right... Call it a mother's intuition, but I think Eggman might be trying to fool us...
    You mean this might not be Trespasser?
    If he can hear us, he would have given us some indication that he was okay...
    Then where is the real Trespasser?

    *surfaces after wave has capsized boat* What hit me? *sees ARK* That can't be the original ARK! It would already be in orbit!

    Maybe Shadow is in over his head... Maybe I should have gone with Tails...

    ARK 2...?
    Yes! REdesigned for my own purposes. My very own space facility!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:44 am

    I don't know.
    While Shadow and Rosa discus the where about's of the real Trespasser, they don't see a small black cloud fall from the ceiling and go into Trespasser on the table. He opens his eyes and sits up.
    If I could get out I'd go find...What
    Rosa looks past Shadow at trespasser.
    Trespasser doesn't react.
    Trespasser turns his head, and smiles at Shadow.
    Something's wrong.
    Tell me about it.
    Trespasser get off the table and stands up.
    Hmhmhm. This feels good.
    Who are you?
    I'm an old friend of Trespasser.
    Where is he?
    It's time to test this new body.
    Trespasser walks out of the room.
    What was that?
    I have no idea.
    Suddenly Eggman walk in though the door Trespasser just left though. He sees the table Trespasser was on.
    What? Where is he?!

    Meanwhile Trespasser is still stuck in his cell when the door opens.
    What the...?
    Hmhmhm. It's an interesting feeling.
    Why? How?
    One question at a time. Eggman made a clone of you. Putting him with your parents was just to test how much it looks like you.
    A clone.
    Eggman plans to make more, but I think the two of us is enough.
    Trespasser clone walks to the door of Trespasser's cell.
    So you left my mind to go into this clone.
    My own body. I have to thank you Trespasser.
    Trespasser clone puts his hands on the door of Trespasser's cell and bends the bars apart and steps into the cell. Trespasser ready's to fight.
    Now, now Trespasser, I still have some control.
    Trespasser clone puts out his hand, and Trespasser feels a shape pain in his head.
    Trespasser falls back and passes out.

    He left.
    What do you mean he left?!
    That thing you made that looks like Trespasser, it got up and walked out.
    but it shouldn't have been able to do that! And how did you know it was a clone!
    Mother's intuition. I knew that wasn't my son.
    Not to mention you just told us.
    Trespasser wakes up, in a daze.
    It's about time you woke up.
    XUR, why are you still here?
    I just can't leave my friend.
    Were not friends.
    No, were more then that.
    XUR puts out his hand, and trespasser feels his arms being pulled behind his back,But no one is holding them.
    Wha... What's going on?
    XUR walks right up to Trespasser, Put his finger under Trespasser's chin and get's right in his face. Trespasser tries to lean back but can't move.
    Your mine, Trespasser. I control you. I know what you did to the real XUR. The power you had.
    Your saying, you want the power I have.
    not exactly. I want you to join me.
    You had so much power, you pushed XUR out of you. You destroyed the Black Comet's Core.
    That was Shadow.
    But it was your idea. Come with me Trespasser, imagine what we could do together.
    I'll give you some time to think it over.
    With that a black fire start under XUR's feet and he sinks into the floor and disappears.
    The door open and Eggman rushes in.
    Uh, he's not here, where...How did you bend the bars of your cell?
    No Matter, though it was stupid of you to stay in your cell. Time to go back to sleep.
    Eggman pushes a button and gas starts to fill the cell.
    Trespasser rushes out of the opening XUR made in the cell and runs past Eggman.
    Come back here.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:45 am

    *runs down hall coughing* MOM! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU!?
    IN HERE!
    *runs into room where Shadow and Rosalyn are*
    It's really you!
    You knew that thing was a fake? *begins untieing Shadow*
    A mother always knows.
    What was it? *gets up from table and streches after being tied down so long*
    *starts untieing Rosalyn* Apparently, Eggman made a clone of me. And that's not all. Dad, remember when you said some part of XUR might still be with me?
    You were right. And when the Core was destroyed, it freed him from my mind. He took over the clone's body.
    Well, that explains why it started acting so wierd.
    *slides of table* Let's get out of here!
    *appears in doorway* You're not going anywhere!

    Sonic is standing on the beach when he hears a voice behind him.
    HEY! Sonic!
    *turns around* Knuckles! What's up, man! *high-fives Knuckles*
    That thing is what's up. *points at ARK 2* You know what the deal is? You're usually tied up in this kind of thing.
    Well, I can tell you what's been going on so far.
    I'm all ears.
    O.K., so the other day I got this call from Tails. Said my Chaos Emerald was needed and to meet him outside Station Square. So I go, and Shadow's there with him, along with that chick of his, Rosalyn. And some dude named Trespasser that I've never met before, but he claimed to be Shadow's son from the future.
    *jaw drops* WHAT!
    I know, crazy, huh? He said he'd been sent back to stop some kind of evil named XUR, but this thing was also possessing him. XUR made him attack Shadow. Nearly killed him. Tails and I jumped him to give Rosalyn a chance to get Shadow out of there, man was that a mistake.
    Sounds like you got your butt handed to you.
    Oh, yeah, big time! Then XUR went chacing after Shadow and Rosalyn. Tails and I were in pretty bad shape. Then Shadow comes up chacing XUR in a cloud form. Shadow stopped and used the Chaos Emeralds' power to heal me and Tails.
    I didn't know the Emeralds could do that!
    Neither did I, but Shadow has hundreds of tricks like that up his sleeve. You never know what he's gonna do next with an Emerald. So, Shadow, Trespasser, and I all went at XUR in our superforms, but XUR, he possessed me, and made me fight the others. *shutters at the memory* Shadow and Trespasser got Rosalyn and Tails in their superforms to fight me, I hurt Tails pretty bad... Then Shadow, Rosalyn, and Trespasser Chaos Blasted me. I don't really remember what happened after falling. I hit the ground, and it hurt. My arms, legs, back, neck... Then, just nothingness. I think... I think I died. And somehow, Trespasser revived me. The next thing I remember is Shadow's son standing over me. And now Trespasser is stuck in this time.
    But what's this got to do with the ARK look alike? O.O You died!?
    Well, we went looking for why XUR came to this time in particular, and found the Core of the Black Comet hidden in the Starion Square museum, but Eggman stole it. There was a fight on Eggman's Egg Carrier, where he tried to use the Core to control Shadow. Shadow told us to run, Tails and I did, but Rosalyn and Trespasser stayed behind. I think they managed to destroy the Core, and then we all got seperated. Tails, Trespasser, and Shadow found me here, and we were going to go looking for Rosalyn when Eggman's robots attacked. Tails and I were knocked out, and when we came to, we found Shadow's tracks going off toward the ocean. Tails went after him, and then that thing appeared. *points to ARK 2 high in the sky*
    Yeah, I saw that thing from a pretty good distance. You saying Shadow might be in trouble?
    I didn't think so before, but now... I'm not so sure... Maybe he could use a hand.
    Then let's go get Tails and get up there!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:46 am

    Get out of the way, Eggman.
    Careful he might he one of his big robots near by.
    Not this time.
    You think you can take us on by yourself, Eggman.
    As a matter of fact. I do.
    Eggman pushes a button on his belt and metal extensions go up his back, across his shoulders, down his arms, over his hands, down his legs, over his feet, and across his face, with a long red lens across both eyes,
    Well, this is new.
    With this battle suit, my strangth, speed, and agility is increased, three fold.
    That won't help you.
    Shadow charges Eggman.
    Oh, yeah.
    Eggman punches Shadow, and he goes flying across the room and hits the wall.
    Eggman charges and jumps at Shadow with his fist out. Trespasser grabs Shadow and jumps out of the way as Eggman land and nearly punches though the floor.
    Eggman grabs a table and swings, before Trespasser can move it hits him and he's flung across the room. Eggman crushes the table into a ball and hurls it at Trespasser. Rosa knocks him out of the way as the balled up table smashes though the wall.
    Shadow sees the opening in the wall, grabs Tresapsser and Rosa.
    Come on.
    They all go though the hole into the next room.
    He may have some impressive muscles in that tin can of his, but he's still not as fast as me. *runs through corridors dragging Rosalyn and Trespasser*
    Shadow, do you know where you're going?
    No, but this whole place seems familiar...
    Eggman said it's a rebuild of the ARK!
    WHAT! *skids to a halt* *looks around* It IS! Exactly like the ARK! And if that's the case, I know my way around pretty well.
    *hevey footsteps approach*
    Let's get moving!
    *starts running again* I know a place where we can loose him. The envirodome. It can simulate any weather contidion on the planet. I'll take us through the back entrance so we exit near the control panel. When Eggman's in the middle of the room, we'll hit him with a hurricane!
    Make it a catagory 5, Dad!
    Shadow, Trespasser, and Rosa enter the control room of the envirodome.
    This is it. Trespasser go to the window tell me when Eggman is in the middle.
    Trespasser runs up to the window, and looks out.
    Is he inside yet?
    He's not inside the dome.
    He should be inside it by now.
    What was that?
    Just as Shadow says his name Eggman smashes up though the floor. There are all throw back.
    Muhahaha. Try to lure me into a trap, on my own station. You forget Shadow, I built this ARK, I know more about it then you do.
    Eggman grabs the metal door and pulls it of it's hinges and throws it at Shadow. He jumps out of the way, and the door slices right though the control panel, and smashes out the window.
    The remains of the control panel lights up, and the environment in the envirodome goes crazy, switching from one weather condition to another in seconds.
    Eggman pulls a section of metal panel of the wall and swings it across the room. Shadow ducks under it but Trespasser is hit by it, and is tossed out the broken window, down into the envirodome.
    Trespasser tries to get up but is hit by a huge gust of wind, then snow, then sunlight, then rain. He looks up in time to see Shadow, thrown out the window, and land beside him.
    Ok, Eggman is a little tougher then I expected.
    Trespasser helps Shadow up, just as Eggman crashes though the wall of the Control room and down to the envirodome right in front of Shadow and Trespasser.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:50 am

    I have an idea!
    I'm willing to go with just about anything right now!
    Maybe we can use this messed up weather to our advantage! Sure, he probably tested that machine of his in field conditions, but how much you wanna bet it wasn't meant to go from one extreme to another as fast as it is in here?
    I see! If we can hold out, the weather may still take out that suit of his! *claps Trespasser on the shoulder* Well, son, time to see if we're made of tougher stuff than metal! Spread out, keep him buzy!
    Right! *runs left while Shadow runs in the opposite direction*

    Rosalyn watches the sceen in the envirodome unfold. She is about to go in to help Shadow and Trespasser, when she hears a voice behind her.
    *whirls* *eyes open wide*
    The Trespasser clone possessed by XUR stands before her.
    Mom, what are you and Dad doing with that thing!? That's not me! That's a clone Eggman made! It's possessed by XUR!
    ...... Don't try and fool me, XUR.
    How could you tell?
    What kind of mother would I be if I didn't know my own son?
    *laughs* All the more ironic, considering he has yet to be born in this timeline, and you've only known him a couple of days!
    What are you up to XUR?
    I could just tell you, but what fun would that be? You'll have to beat the answer out of me! *rushes Rosalyn*
    Trespasser and Shadow battle both Eggman and the weather.
    Uh, this is taking to long.
    Give it some time.
    As Shadow and Trespasser try to stay ahead of eggman, the weather gives them a hand. After a few minutes of rain, the envirodome switch's to snow.
    The water on the ground soon freezes.
    Uh, I had enough snow when I was teleported to the Ice cap.
    Shadow, Trespasser and Eggman are soon fighting, while sliding around on the ice.
    But Eggman starts having trouble controlling his battle suit.
    Grr. What is wrong?
    Trespasser and Shadow stop.
    Shadow looks at Trespasser and smiles.
    The fuel lines...
    Trespasser realizes.
    There freezing!
    And all that water in his suit from the rain, can't be to good either.
    Water, expands when it freezes.
    Causing weaknesses in the whole structure.
    Trespasser and Shadow look at each other and smile. Then charge Eggman. Then jump and kick Eggman. Sending him tumbling backwards.
    Trespasser and Shadow walk over to him.
    Had enough Eggman.
    You may have damaged my suit, but it still has enough power to take care of you.
    Eggman swings his fist at Shadow and Trespasser, they are hit but not hard. Eggman gets up and runs out of the envirodome. Shadow quickly gets up and chases after Eggman,Trespasser starts to follow, but hears a voice in his head.
    *turns and sees Trespasser clutching his head* What's wrong!
    XUR! I can hear him! That's not all... He can still control me if he wants!
    This could be a problem...
    He wants me to join him... But I won't!

    *dodges XUR's attack* Yah! *whirls and kicks XUR in the side*
    Well, you know how to play, that's for sure.
    When you grow up on the streets, it's either fight or die. Learned a few tricks hanging around with Shadow, too.
    *charges again and anticipates Rosalyn's attempt to dodge* HA! *turns and knees Rosalyn in the chest*
    Agh! *clutches chest* *looks up in time to see XUR's fist coming toward her head* *backflips out of the way*
    *does jump kick*
    *rolls to the side and plants a roundhouse kick firmly in XUR's back*
    *flinches in pain, then straightens up* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'll play with you some other time. I have business elsewhere! *steps into shadowy part of the hall and fades from sight* Trespasser...

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:57 am

    I'm alright. He's gone.
    You sure?
    Yeah. Should we go after Eggman?
    Yes, But...
    Tres! Shadow! Get up here!
    Rosa shouts to them from the broken window of the control room. Trespasser and Shadow, Head back up.
    What's wrong?
    XUR, he was here. He's up to something, I don't know what.
    This could be a problem, As he has the ability to control Trespasser.
    I don't' know how much he can control me.
    Either way, We need to find a way to stop him.
    He wants me to join him. But I won't. But why does he need me.
    Always, more questions then answers.
    Well, Me and XUR had a bit of a fight.
    Tres and Shadow both look at Rosa.
    When you two were fighting Eggman, XUR came in here. Tried to convince me he was the real Trespasser. But I could tell it was XUR.
    What happened?
    He kneed me in the chest pretty good. But I got him good in the back. Only problem was it didn't seem to affect him.
    Where'd he go?
    He walked into that dark part of the hallway and disappeared.
    Shadow and Rosa walk out into the Hallway. Trespasser starts to follow, but his foot is stuck.
    He turns and sees XUR. Just his head sticking though the floor, and his hand around his ankle.
    Shadow and Rosa turn and see XUR pull Trespasser though the floor.
    Shadow jumps and grabs for Trespasser's hand. But it's to late.
    Shadow pounds the floor with his fist.
    Rosa walks up to Shadow.
    Don't worry. We'll find him.
    It's not finding him I'm worried about. It's what XUR will do to him before then.

    *struggles to break free of XUR's grip* What do you want with me!?
    You'll find out soon enough. Why should I spoil the surprise?

    *jumps out of the water and flys to shore* I hate flying with wet fur! I get so cold! *sees Sonic isn't alone* Is that Knuckles?
    *points* Look, Tails is alright.
    *begins waving at Tails* Hey, little buddy!
    Sonic! *lands* Hey, Knuckles. What brings you here?
    I saw that thing from a mile away. *points toward ARK 2* What's up with the ARK?
    It's not the ARK. The original blew up a few days ago. Even if it hadn't, it would already be in orbit. This has to be Eggman's work. *looks directly at Sonic* Still think Shadow can manage everything just fine?
    Maybe not... *refuses to look Tails in the eye*
    So it's time to play Crack-the-Eggman again. I just got one question. How the heck do we get up there!?
    *Sonic and Tails look at eachother and grin*
    That's easy. We'll just use my new spaceship.
    I built it a few weeks ago. So far, it's not ready for any kind of deep space travel, but it's more tha capable of shuttling us to this new ARK. And it also can fly in the atmosphere like a normal plane. *pulls out remote* The auto pilot should bring it right to us.
    Wait, weren't you just in the ocean?
    It's waterproof. There. Now we just have to wait for it.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:02 am

    XUR drags Trespasser down, Tres loses track of where he is, on the station.
    XUR pulls Tres into a large room, and releases him. He drops to the floor landing on his side.
    Hmhmhm. Oops.
    XUR hovers in the air over Trespasser.
    Trespasser gets up and looks at XUR, angry.
    That's it XUR, time to tell me what you want.
    Very well. I want you to unlock the Black arms.
    Trespasser looks at XUR confused.
    Shadow destroyed them, along with Black Doom.
    Black Doom transported part of his army to Earth, when he helped Gerald cerate Shadow. Shadow was ment to awaken this army when Black Doom returned to Earth. But since Shadow lost his memory, he never did.
    Y-You want me to awaken the army for you?
    You have Shadow's power, you have his connection to the black arms.
    No. I won't.
    That army waits. Only you or Shadow can awaken them.
    And you can't control Shadow! That's why you need me.
    That's why I want you to join me.
    Then Why did you leave my body? Why not just awaken them yourself, when your in me? Unless you can't?
    It would seem, as future XUR found out, there are certain safeguards in place. To make sure no one is controlling you, to awaken the black arms.
    Hmhmhm. Black Doom was smarter then you.
    At first, But XUR soon forced you to awaken the black arm, in your time. You remember, don't you?
    Trespasser remembered when XUR controled him.
    You could see and hear everything. But you could do nothing. You couldn't stop him, you couldn't even tell your loved ones, it wasn't even you attacking them. That's why I want you to join me. I won't force you. Come with me. I'm not that XUR.
    Trespasser closes his eyes and tightens his fist.
    You came from him. You are made of him. You are him. I will not, help you.
    XUR's face turns to anger.
    You disappoint me Trespasser. Weather or not you want, you will awaken the Black Arms.
    I'd rather die than help you, XUR

    Shadow and Rosalyn run through the ARK 2 looking for Trespasser and XUR when a door slams in front of them. They stop and turn to see Eggman in his still-functioning battle suit.
    And just where do you think you're going?!
    Open the door, Eggman. We have to find Trespasser.
    Lost your son, have you? You should have kept a closer eye on him. Tsk, tsk, what a poor father you are!
    *clenches fists in outrage*
    It's not what you think. Eggman, we're not alone.
    What are you talking about?
    Your clone. It isn't yours any more.
    And how would that be possible?
    Remember what Tres told you? That he came to this time to stop the evil called XUR? XUR can possess people. And he's taken a liking to your clone.
    Essentially what you did was give XUR a physical body to inhabit.
    ...... Well, I'll just have to deal with that small complication later. In the mean time, you aren't going anywhere! *grabs metal door to his right and hurls it at Shadow and Rosalyn*
    Shadow and Rosalyn scatter as the door comes at them.
    AGH! We don't have time for this!
    Then let's make it quick!
    Shadow and Rosalyn rush Eggman from two sides. Shadow hits him high, and Rosalyn attacks low.

    There! *points to speck in the sky*
    The speck swiftly gets bigger as it rapidly approaches. The sleek blue and red craft pulls to a smooth stop in front of them.
    This is it. The Blue Foxtrot! Come on.
    Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles all board the Blue Foxtrot.
    Whew, it's big in here.
    It can carry six passengers plus a pilot. *punches something in a computer* According to the ship's computer, the ARK lookalike isn't in orbit yet. It's still in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, but it's higher than any regular plane can fly.
    Can this thing reach it?
    Of course! Sonic and I took it on a test flight and went all the way to the original ARK and back. Right Sonic?
    Yeah, she flew like a dream.
    O.k. Next stop, the new ARK!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:02 am

    That can be arranged.
    XUR put out his hand right out in front of him.
    Trespasser ready's for XUR's attack. But nothing happens.
    Trespasser looks confused.
    What are you doing?
    Allow me to show you my power.
    Trespasser starts hearing banging, louder and louder.
    Then something smashes right though the wall behind Trespasser. He doges it and sees it's a Chaos Emerald.
    It shoots right into XUR's hand.
    XUR looks around the room and puts out his other hand to the side wall. A moment later Trespasser starts hearing the banging again. A Chaos Emerald shoot straight though the wall to XUR's hand.
    Your pulling the Chaos Emeralds right to you. How?
    This is nothing compared to my power.
    XUR put out both his arms to his sides. A moment later Trespasser hears lots of banging as the last five Chaos Emeralds come shooting into the room and start circling XUR.

    Shadow, Rosa, And Eggman hear the banging.
    What is that?
    I don't know.
    Could it be Trespasser?
    To bad you won't find out.

    Last chance Trespasser.
    Trespasser stands up.
    I will fight you to the end.
    A bright light surrounds XUR, When it clears XUR is on fire. Black fire flows all over him.
    XUR rushes Trespasser so fast he doesn't have any time to react. XUR grabs Tres by the neck and lifts him into the air.
    I could have been a good friend to you, but you've made a powerful enemy.
    To bad.
    XUR throws Trespasser to the wall. Tres braces him self expecting to hit the wall. But instead he passes though it. Tres opens his eyes and sees he is passing though wall after wall. Just like XUR passed though the floor. XUR is pushing Trespasser though the walls.
    Suddenly Trespasser passes though the last wall and finds himself out side the ARK 2, thousand of feet in the air.
    Trespasser feels himself drop as XUR releases him. Trespasser waves his arms around trying to grab something. His hand catches a railing on a catwalk. His arm is wrenched behind him as he stops himself.
    He pulls himself up on to the catwalk. Holding his shoulder.
    Trespasser looks down at the catwalk he's on, and can see though the grating, how high he is. He can feel his legs wanting to lock up with each step.
    Hmhmhm. What's the matter Trespasser? Afraid of heights.
    Trespasser looks up and sees XUR hovering over him.
    *dodges punch*
    *lunges at Rosalyn*
    *jumps aside*
    *hits wall, rips panel off and flings it at Shadow, catching him in the jaw*
    Ugh! *puts hand to face* Ow. That cracked the bone. *tastes blood in his mouth and spits it out*
    *sees exposed wiring* Idea Shadow! Get ready to move!
    What are you up to, girly?
    *dodges Eggman, grabs powercable from exposed wiring and slaps it on Eggman's battle suit*
    Electricity courses through Eggman's suit, shutting down all circutry. His suit becomes a lifeless hunk of metal and part of the corridor goes dark.
    *looks at Shadow* You alright?
    Of course. I'm fine.
    Then let's go find Trespasser. I have a bad feeling about this...
    Shadow and Rosalyn head toward the source of the sound they heard earlier, leaving an unconscious Eggman behind.

    The Blue Foxtrot approaches the ARK 2.
    Hey. Is someone outside there?
    Let me see. *uses computer to inhance image*
    An enlarged view of Trespasser and XUR appear on the screen.
    Hey! That's!
    Who's with him?
    I don't know.
    Whoever it is has the Chaos Emeralds...and it looks like Trespasser's in trouble.
    Then maybe we should give Trespasser a hand.
    I'll pull the ship right along side them.
    Hang on, Trespasser, we're coming!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:03 am

    XUR put's his hands together and spreads them apart, making a ball of black fire.
    On a thin catwalk, Trespasser has no where to run, but back.
    Tres can barely run, as each step he feel's his legs wanting to lock up, from his fear of heights.
    Hmhmhaha, You'll have to move faster then that.
    XUR throws the fire ball at Trespasser and it hit's him in the back.
    Tres is thrown forward, he lands in the center of the catwalk, but still grabs the sides, fearing he'll fall.
    Give up yet.
    Trespasser gets up.
    Not if your going to make it that easy.
    XUR rushes Trespasser.
    He throws a punch to Trespasser's face. Tres doges it.
    Tres punches XUR in the stomach. But he doesn't react.
    XUR kicks Tres, he lands on the Far side of the catwalk. XUR slams his foot down, Pushing one side of catwalk down and the side with Trespasser up.
    Trespasser slides down, right to XUR.
    XUR punches Tres right it the stomach, grabs him, and lifts him over his head and throws him to the next section of catwalk. Tres lands on his back, and stays down.
    XUR walks over to Trespasser. He rolls him over and put Trespasser's head over the side of the catwalk, and puts his foot to the back of Trespasser's neck holding him down. Tres looks down and sees the ground.
    We're almost in position Trespasser. Are you ready to unlock the Black arms?
    Trespasser tries to fight his way free, but can't.

    Tails, Hurry!
    I can't push the engines to hard or they'll burn out like on the Tornado.
    Hang on Trespasser, We're coming.

    Shadow and Rosa are running though the halls. Shadow stops and looks out a window.

    XUR holds down Trespasser.
    Do it!
    DO IT!
    A bright white light surrounds Trespasser and XUR.

    What is that?
    Oh, no


    The white light shoots to the ground, smashing though and exposing a huge black and red stone.
    Now finish it.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:03 am

    I won't do it!!! NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Sonic, I have an idea! It's risky though...
    Just do it.
    O.k. Climb in that hatch, it will lanch you to Trespasser. You'll get there in time to help.
    *climbs in hatch and gets shot out of the Blue Foxtrot*
    Sonic swiftly closes the gap between him and Trespasser and XUR. He slams into the light and all three of them pass through the wall of the ARK2 and into a large windowed room.
    Hmm. You will pay for your interferance, Sonic. You will pay with your life. And this time, no one will resurect you!
    *pales* I recongnise you! I won't ever forget the way you possessed me...XUR. I don't know how you came back, but you're going to regret it! *pulls Trespasser to his feet* (whispers to Trespasser)How did he return!?
    (whispers back)Long story...

    Through the windows, Shadow and Rosalyn see the flash of light and the approaching Blue Foxtrot. They don't see Sonic's flight, but they do notice the light vanishing into the side of the ARK 2.
    I know where that room is and how to get there! Come on! *picks Rosalyn up and races full speed tp the room where Trespasser, Sonic and XUR are*
    MOM! DAD!
    *turns* How touching. A family reunion. To bad it will be short lived! *draws the Chaos Emeralds close, his flames glow brighter as he takes more power from them*
    *puts Rosalyn down* Tres! With me! We have to stop him!
    Shadow and Trespasser both rush XUR while he is distracted and crash into him. An Explosion of Chaos Energy rocks the room. Everyone is flung back and hits a wall. XUR is the first to recover. He gets up and walks over to Trespasser.
    You have done enough. I can finish it without you. *gathers ball of black fire in hand* Now die! *blasts Trespasser with stream of black fire*
    NNOOOOOO!!!! *flings out a hand toward Trespasser, surrounding him with a shield of Chaos energy*
    Huh? Exclamation That shockwave! My Chaos abilities are back! Yes, I can sense the Emeralds again! And that means everyone else's abilites are back too! Now we may stand a chance! Trespasser! Get up! We can take him!
    We can? ... We can! Get away from me XUR! Chaos Blast!

    By now Tails and Knuckles have landed on the ARK 2. They hurry to join the fight.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:04 am

    XUR is thrown back against the wall, by Trespasser's Chaos Blast.
    Chaos Spear!
    Shadow shoots a Chaos spear at XUR. But XUR catches it and holds it.
    Shadow and Trespasser's, eyes open wide, as XUR smiles and throws the Spear back at them.
    They both jump out of the way as the spear hits the floor between them, but the explosion sends them tumbling away.
    Trespasser is blown to the opening in the wall Sonic made when he slammed into Trespasser, and XUR.
    Tres is close enough to see outside, and can see the nose of the ARK 2, the Eclipse Cannon.
    That's it.

    Tails and Knuckles Get out of the Blue Foxtrot and head for the room the others are in. They get there
    in time to see the fight.

    Shadow gets up and prepares to charge XUR.
    Ready Tres. Tres?
    Trespasser is looking out the hole in the wall. He turns.
    Hey XUR!
    XUR turn and face Trespasser.
    I know how to destroy the Black Arms. *looks at Shadow* Two birds with one Stone.
    You better try to stop me.
    With that Trespasser turns back to the hole in the wall. Swallows his fear of heights, and Jumps though.
    XUR fly's after with leaving a trail of black fire after him.
    The other's rush up to the hole and look out, to see, Trespasser grinding down a rail, heading towards the front of the Eclipse Cannon.
    That's it, Trespasser intends to lure XUR in front of the Eclipse Cannon. Then aim it at the Black Arms Stone, hitting them both in one shot.
    That's going to be easier said then done.
    But some of us will have to be in the control center to aim and fire it.
    The rest of us will help Trespasser, as XUR is gaining on him.
    Than lets go!
    Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles rush to find the control room of the ARK2, while Shadow and Rosalyn chase XUR. Being faster, Shadow catches up to them first and pulls along side Trespasser.
    *turns around and yells at XUR* Hey! Why not get both of us, you big fat sissy! *shoots XUR the bird*
    Dad!? What are you doing!?
    I thought you wanted him to chase us? Whoa!
    They both jump to avoid a shot of XUR's black fire.
    Chase us? Yes. Roast our backsides!? No!
    XUR throws fireball after fireball, his aim improving with each shot. His next shot looks like it won't be one that Shadow and Trespasser can dodge.
    Now you die, annoying pests.
    Rosalyn jumps off her rail and spinkicks XUR in the head, causing him to miss widely. She crouches low on the rail to pick up speed and catches up with Trespasser and Shadow.
    *whistles* Nice shot, Mom!
    Remind me again never to make you angry.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:04 am

    Eggman struggles and finally manages to climb out of the lifeless sculpture that had been his battle suit.
    Ugh! Stupid hedgehogs! I'll get them for this. The will regret the day they crossed my path!
    Eggman goes over to a computer terminal and quickly scans the ARK2's interior to see where Shadow and Rosalyn ran off to. What he finds is Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles making their way towards the control room.
    Hmm. Now what could they be up to? I'll just have to spoil their fun and find out!
    Eggman punches a button, and a new battle beltpops out from a storage compartment in the wall. He removes the damaged one and puts the new one on as he heads to intecept Sonic and his pals.

    Talk about déjà vu! It's exactly like the original ARK!
    Hey, at least that means we know where we're going!
    Ahahahahaahhaha! Unfortunately, you won't be getting there in one piece!
    Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles stop to find Eggman standing in their path.
    I thought I smelled a rat.
    Move it, Eggman! We don't have time to play with you!
    (whispers)Sonic, I don't like this... Where are his robots?
    Hahahaha! Oh, but you're going to play, and I'm going to win! *activates battle suit*
    *rushes forward and sends Knuckles flying into a wall* Hahaha! Prepare to meet your end, Sonic the Hedgehog!
    Sonic and tails look at Eggman with eyes wide open.
    What was that?
    Look's like Eggy got an upgrade. Knuckles are you alright?
    Mahahaha. Your next Sonic!
    Eggman Pull a section of wall off, and throws it at Sonic.
    Sonic doges it, but it's close.
    Tails help Knuckles, and get to the control room. I deal with BattleEgg over here.
    I'm finale going to shut you up, Sonic.
    Bring it on!

    Mean while.
    Rosa, Tres, and Shadow, are grinding down three rails, towards the Eclipse Cannon. With XUR in hot pursuit.
    He's gaining on us!
    We have to go faster.
    He stopped!
    They all look back to see XUR has stopped. XUR goes onto the middle rail, the rail Trespasser is on. He grabs it, and Black fire shoots down the rail towards Trespasser. Tres's eyes open wide.
    Trespasser, look out!
    Trespasser jumps to the rail next to him, right into Shadow. Almost knocking him off the rail.
    Dad, Hold on.
    Then get off my rail!
    Shadow and Trespasser try desperately to stay on the rail and hold each other up.
    Hold on.
    Don't lean!
    I'm not!
    This way!
    Rosa, blocked by the black fire can't reach them to help.
    Shadow, hold him up. Tres hold him up.
    *Shadow and Trespasser Together*
    That's what we're doing!
    That's what we're doing!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:05 am

    HAHAHAHAHA!! THis is how I've always imagined it! You and me alone, and you will fall!
    Eggman grabs another massive metal panel and lunces toward Sonic with his fist. Sonic jumps out of the way, but doesn't see it was a feint.
    Ha, you're too slow, Eggman! Always have been, always will b--
    Sonic gets clobbered in the head with the sheet of metal he didn't see Eggman swinging in the direction he dodged. He flys back hits a wall, and slides to the floor.
    Ugh...what hit me??
    Eggman jumps at Sonic, grabs him up, and throws Sonic face-first into a wall. Sonic comes away with a dazed look on his face, and blood streaming from a broken nose.
    Oh, by head!
    Wahahahahahahahahaha! If Shadow couldn't match me without help from his son, what chance do you have on your own!? Ahahahahahahahaha!
    ...Shabow? Who? Son? Am I someone's son?
    Sonic watches in a daze as Eggman's fist comes toward him. A thought from his scrambled brain manages to force its way through his confusion. MOVE!! Sonic jumps back in time to avoid Eggman's fist, but slips on the floor. He reaches out for balance and grabs some exposed wires from where Eggman ripped out part of the wall. His luck goes from bad to worse. He gets a nasty electric shock since the insulation has been stripped.
    Sonic quickly lets go of the wires. Ugh! As if my head didn't hurt enough already! He doesn't see Eggman until he feels a foot connect with his chest. Oof! That cracked a rib or two!
    Eggman picks up Sonic.
    Hahaha, I've waited a long time for this.
    Eggman hold Sonic out, and with his other hand, ready's for the finale blow.
    Something slams into the back of Eggman, sending him into the wall, and dropping Sonic.
    I got you Sonic.
    Knuckles catches Sonic.
    Are you ok? We came back to help.
    Uh, No need. I had him Right where I wanted him.
    We saw.
    Grrr, you'll pay for that.
    Eggman tries to free him self from the wall.
    Ready for some hard ball you two.
    Sonic and Tails goes into a spin dash. Knuckles picks them both up and hurls Tails at Eggman, Slamming him even farther into the wall. Then he hurls Sonic, Smashing Eggman though the wall. Eggman sees himself at the edge of a shaft.
    Sonic, with a smile on his face, faces Eggman. Eggman is holding on to a thin piece of wall.
    They look into each others eyes.
    Sonic spin dashes into Eggman. Sending him tumbling down the shaft.
    Sonic looks up the shaft.
    I think we found the fast way.
    I take it.
    Tails fly's up the shaft with Sonic holding feet, and Knuckles holding Sonic's.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:05 am

    Trespasser and Shadow continue to try to hold each other up.
    Got it?
    Shadow leans to far over and starts to fall. Trespasser grabs him and yanks him back up, but pulling himself off balance. Trespasser starts to fall, Shadow tries to grab him, but Tres jumps off the rail.
    Trespasser falls, but he's aiming for a landing. He lands hard, on the very tip of the nose of the Eclipse Cannon. He gets up, and looks up to see Shadow and Rosa, still on the rails. Out away from the cannon. They have to wait until the next turn before the rail goes back over the cannon.
    Suddenly something slams into Trespasser nearly knocking him over the side.
    It's XUR.
    You have cause to much trouble for me. Now you will die.
    XUR walks up to Trespasser and tries to punch him in the face. Trespasser ducks under it, and punches XUR in the back, when XUR leans back from the hit, Tres punches him in the stomach. XUR give Trespasser a powerful back hand, tossing him back.
    As trespasser tries to get up, XUR walks up to him, and kicks Tres in the stomach, sending him into the air, but trespasser twists in mid air and lands on his feet.
    Tres holds his stomach.
    Is that all you got.
    XUR stand there. A fire starts around his feet as he sinks into the Cannon. Trespasser looks around and tries to see where XUR went.
    Suddenly Trespasser is slammed into the air, as XUR comes up right underneath him. While Tres is still in the air, XUR quickly get over him and blasts him with a ball of fire. Sending Tres down hard onto the cannon.

    We have to hurry!
    We're almost back over the cannon.
    Hang on Trespasser.

    We're almost there.
    We have to hurry Eggman slowed us down.

    Tres opens his eyes to see XUR coming feet first right at him. He rolls out of the way just as XUR lands. Tres get's up, he can feel the back of his foot over the edge of the Cannon.
    XUR stretches his arm out to the sides and shoot a beam of black fire out of his hands, and moves both arms towards Trespasser.
    Tres sees the beams coming at him from both sides, so he runs and jumps at XUR. XUR tries to point the beams at Trespasser, but it's to late. Tres lands feet first into XUR knocking him down. Before Tres can see it, XUR is back up and plants and powerful punch into Trespasser's chest. Sending him flying back. XUR walks over to Tres, grabs him by the neck and holds him up in the air.
    Now you die.

    We're here! Sonic! You put the Emeralds in place! I'll pull up an image of the cannon's nose on the monitor!

    XUR holds Trespasser by his neck and holds an orb of black fire in his free hand. He puts it an inch from Trespasser's face.
    I still haven't quite desided if I should make this quick and painless, or slow and tortured. Yes, I think I'll watch you burn slowly.
    XUR moves the fireball closer until thr flames are just licking the fur on Trespasser's face.
    Good bye, Trespasser!
    At that precise moment, Shadow and Rosalyn both plant hard kicks in XUR's back. Startled, XUR releases Trespasser and goes flying.
    Tres! Oh, Trespasser!
    Are you ok?
    Yeah, although, Dad, I know what you mean now about having a sunburn on your face... INCOMING!
    They scatter as a large black fireball lands where they were standing.
    Hm. Looks like I should have knocked you off the rails earlier and been finished with you. No matter. I'll finish you here and now!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:07 am

    There in!
    Ok, I'll target the Black Arms stone.
    How long will it take to charge and fire it?
    A while.

    XUR fly's full speed into the group. They dodge, But XUR lets out a blast of fire as he though the cannon. Rosa is blown towards the front on the Cannon, while Shadow and Trespasser are blown to the back.

    There, the station is targeting the Stone. Now I'll put it up on the monitor.
    What is that!
    What are they doing out there?
    Oh, No!
    When the station targets the Stone, The targeting arms will open.
    But aren't they standing on one of the targeting arms.
    When it opens...
    We have to stop it.
    I'll try to about the sequence.
    Tails types at the computer.
    There I think that did it.
    Suddenly red lights flash.
    A screen turns on, with a familiar face.
    Muhahaha. I knew you would try to stop me. That's why I took a lesson from my grandfather, and made a program, that if I engaged the Cannon, and Sonic stopped me He would try to stop the Cannon. Well now you can't, Nothing can stop the Cannon from firing Muhahaha.
    Screen goes black.
    Sonic pounds his fist on the computer.
    Eggman! That Crazy madman!
    *Eggman voice form the computer* Eclipse Cannon Charging.
    We need to find a way to stop it.
    *Eggman voice form the computer* Deployment of targeting arms, commencing

    Mean while on the Cannon.
    Rosa is at the front of the Eclipse Cannon, separated from Shadow and Trespasser, by XUR.
    Shadow and Trespasser ready to attack XUR, when they feel a big bang as the section of the Cannon there standing on slowly lifts into the air.
    Rosa at the very end of the Cannon, sees the section lift into the air, without her. Not wanting to leave Shadow and Trespasser alone she jumps and grabs it. But only holding on by her hands, she can't pull her self up.
    As the targeting arm extends higher and higher, the angle becomes greater and Shadow and Tres can't keep the footing and slid down to the joint where the arm attaches to the station.
    Rosa still hanging loses her grip a falls on to the Cannon itself.
    XUR put a shield of black fire around Shadow and Tres. Preventing them from using Chaos Control.
    There are trapped between the station and the targeting arm, which is still rising, decreasing the space between it and the station.
    hmhm. I think I'll watch you two be crashed.
    There's not much space between here dad.
    I know.

    Rosa hears a loud crack and looks down the cannon to see a large bolt of electricity arc across the cannon, then another coming right at her. She doges it but there's not much room on the cannon. She steadies herself as the next bolt comes.

    The targeting arms continue to open.
    Oh boy. This is a tight squeeze Dad.
    Let's find some way out before we're pancakes.

    Rosalyn backflips out of the path of the next energy bolt and the next. Now she stands on the very tip of the cannon.
    Oh sh*t.
    She spies a series of metal scaffoldings spaced far appart leading up to the targeting arms.
    Of course. THey'd have to have some way to get down here if they ever needed to make repairs or something!
    She runs forward and uses the explosion of another energy bolt to propel her jump up to the lowest of the scaffoldings. The leaps from one to the other up to the tip of the targeting arm. Looking down, she sees XUR and a bubble of black fire, but no sign of Shadow or Trespasser. Aming for XUR's back, she leaps.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:08 am

    She lands right on XUR's back, and they both fall. XUR drops the black fire bubble around Shadow and Tres, just as XUR and Rosa lands on them.
    Shadow punches XUR in the face and making him turn towards Tres, who punches him again, Then XUR back fist Shadow sending him over the edge of the cannon and he falls. XUR chases after him. Tres readys to pull Rosa out from behind the Tatgeting arm, when it come to a stop with a bang.

    Your kidding, it was never going to crush us.
    Tres and Rosa look over the side and see Shadow falling with XUR along side of him.
    Why doesn't he use Chaos Control?
    Tres looks closer.

    Shadow fall as XUR fly's along side him.
    Your not going to get away this time.
    XUR traps Shadow it another Black Fire bubble.
    You can't use Chaos, and I'll follow you all the way to the ground.

    Somethings Wrong.
    Tres looks down the face of the ARK2, and smiles.
    I got an Idea.
    Tres jumps off the cannon and runs down the near vertical face of the ARK2. He run inbetween towers and around gaps, and tries to catch up to Shadow and XUR.

    I'm going to watch you hit the ground.

    Tres starts to catch up to Shadow and XUR.

    Rosalyn watches, clueless as to what Tres is up to. ...Just be careful, son. And please be successful...

    XUR! I'll get out of this! SOMEHOW!!!
    Hmhmhmhmhmhmhm. That's what you think. From the corner of his eye he sees Tres approaching. Hm, looks like your boy is facing his fear of heights to try and save you. How touching. XUR stops and turns to face Tres, holding Shadow aloft in a bubble of blackfire that leaves icy burns where it touches. Don't come any closer Tres! Or your precious father dies!
    Trespasser slows down, and starts to lose ground between XUR and Shadow.
    Hmm... very good.
    Trespasser whispers to himself. Come on XUR, just turn around.
    XUR turns back to Shadow.
    Your all so weak....
    Trespasser runs at full speed and jumps at XUR, knocking him away and releasing Shadow form the black fire. Trespasser grabs Shadow.
    Chaos Control!
    Shadow and Trespasser reaper with Rosa. Shadow grabs Rosa.
    Chaos control.
    Shadow, Trespasser, and Rosa reaper in the command section of the ARK 2 with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
    Shadow, Trespasser, Rosa? What happened?
    Too much to tell know. When's the cannon firing?
    Ten seconds!
    In Trespasser mind he hears XUR's voice.
    Hmhmhmhmhm... Thank you Tres.
    The group looks at Trespasser.
    Tres what is it?
    It's XUR, I can hear him.
    What's he saying?
    He's thanking me?.... For giving him just what he wanted!
    The Eclipse cannon fires, the group looks out the window to see XUR, flying in front of the laser when it hit him and then hits the Black arms Stone. A huge explosion engulfs the Stone. The explosion leaves a cloud of dust. The group looks to see what happened, and are shocked to see... tentacles rise from the cloud with a creepy roar.
    What is that?
    He combined himself with the Black Arms... to make some kind of monster.
    LOOK! at the end of each tentacle... It's the Chaos Emeralds!
    Your right!
    If we can get them!
    Then we'll have a chance to destroy XUR.
    There's six of us, and seven Chaos emeralds.
    If we all take on the first, we can then split up and each take one... Rosa. Do you think you can fight that?
    He attacked you and Tres, and he won't get off easy.
    All right Everyone ready?

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

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