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    The Trespasser Saga


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    The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:39 am

    ok This is the RP I ws doing with Rose, and made Tres's story, so I'm putting it here.

    we started it funny so I have only the middle to the end.

    Well Shadow I have more good news for you. I know where another Chaos Emerald is. But getting there is a problem.
    What's the problem?
    It's in space. Space colony "ARK" I over heard Sonic and Tails say they hid one up there. They thought Eggman wouldn't go up there any time soon.
    You say there's an Emerald in the ARK?
    I over heard Sonic and Tails saying they hid one of the Emeralds up there, They figured Eggman wouldn't go up there any time soon. and it can't be detected from down here. The hard part is getting us up there.
    you have enough energy to get all three of us there?
    How far I can take something depends on how much mass it has in relation to how much energy I can tap at the time. With two Emeralds, I could take the three of us to Jupiter and back. One Emerald would be more than enough to get us to the ARK.
    Spare the long detailed explinations please.
    Chaos Control!
    Flash there are all on the ARK.
    This Station is huge, we should split up. The emeralds react to each other, if we each use our own we can use them as guides to find the one on the station. Shadow you take the lower levels of the colony, and Rosa should take the upper levels, and I'll take the mid levels.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:05 am

    Meanwhile in the ARKs mid levels trespasser looks for the emerald.

    "Sonic skidding noise"
    Trespasser stops at an opening to a huge room. walks inside. Talks to Shadow on a radio.

    ahhh... Shadow...I...I found someone you might know.
    *fur on back of neck stands up* Who? Why do I get the fealing I'm not going to like the answer?
    *watches Shadow and waits for Trespasser's response*
    She's alive. She's in a stasis chamber. It looks like she's tied into the main computer. It doesn't look like she's meant to be removed.

    Maria/computer voice "You are right. Hello Shadow, I've missed you."

    Uh............................ *is speachless*
    She's the friend of your's you told me about?
    *nods, mouth hanging open*

    Shadow and Rosa go to the room with Trespasser and Maria.

    It's been a long time Shadow.
    Maria. How?
    Am I still alive. when the G.U.N trooper tried to shoot you I pushed you out of the way, but he hit me. I pushed you into the escape pod and sent you away. The gun office didn't mean to shoot me, they took me to the medical station on the Ark but couldn't save me. But Gerald took me to this Stasis chamber and put me in the computer. It kept me alive.
    Uhhh.... This-this is a bit...
    Puting it mildly, but yeah.
    *steps closer to computer* So you're Maria? Shad's told me 'bout you.
    You found someone to make you happy Shadow. I'm Happy for you. I want you to be Happ...zzzzz...appy

    I...I'm having Trob...zz...ble
    computer voice "Warning Automated defense system now online." Turret guns deploy from ceiling. and target the group
    Maria, What are you doing.
    Trespasser looks at the cabals attaching Maria to the computer. Damage and fried.
    It's not her Shadow.
    What are you talking about?
    The connections there more then 50 years old, There breaking down, She can't control it any more, systems are going off at random.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:10 am

    Get back and let me see what I can do. There were a good many times that I hacked The ARK's computers and messed around with them just to annoy everyone when I was bored. Maybe I can shut it off...
    Let me see... Bypass... Reroute... Override... Run system selfrepair... That should do it!

    computer voice *defences disarmed. Welcome to the ARK.
    Everyone in one piece? *looks around* Good. Maria, you ok?
    computer voice "Warning Self-destruct program has been activated. You now have 15 minutes to reach minimum safe distance."
    Shadow Run
    Warning. gravity failing on deck 26.
    Shadow we have to leave. We have to find the Chaos emerald in less then 15 minutes.
    Warning. Environmental control failing in section 3.
    I can't leave her like this.
    Shadow, it's ok I just want you to be happy.
    Trespasser looks at Rosa for help.
    Shad. Shadow. We found the Emerald. There's nothing more we can do here. Besides... *places hand on stomach* ...If you get yourself killed, this little one will never know his or her father.
    ......*sheads tear*
    Good bye Shadow
    You now have 15 min.zzzzz..10 seconds to reach minimum safe distance.
    Trespasser grabs Shadow and Rosa. "Chaos Control."
    Flash. The three of them appear it Station Square. As the flash from the Explosion form the ARK lights the sky.
    Where did you learn Chaos Control?
    Come on dad you showed me.....Shoot.
    Time travel, it's a funny thing.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:14 am

    both stare at Trespasser
    Oooooooooooooookkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..................... Did I hear that right?
    *takes Trespasser firmly by the shoulders* You have some explaining to do.
    That whole thing about me wanting the Chaos emeralds to go super was a lie. I need them to fight XUR.
    About 23 years from now a demonic being, known as XUR tried to take over the world. But at the last second he was stopped by you Shadow. But not without a price, we lost a lot of friends. It was decided we would send someone back in time to stop XUR before he had a chance to come into this world. I was chosen because I had most of your powers and would not be recognized by anyone in this time.
    both look at eachother
    But, who exaclty are you?
    You have most of my...?
    I'm the son you will soon have. Inside you right now. Why do you think I was so quick to get you out of the ARK. I would have been killed in two Time lines.
    Yes, I have most of your powers Shadow, though on a beginner level, as you once said to me. Chaos Control was the first skill you showed me.

    *jaw drops*
    Oh my... *leans against Shadow* *looks from Shadow to Trespasser* Now that I look for it... Shad, there is a reseblance between you and him. I didn't notice it before because I wasn't looking for it.
    Am I dreaming?! Someone pinch me. OW! Not that hard! *sighs and looks at Trespasser* I can see a bit of Rose in you... ...... Who exactly is this XUR? And what can we do to help you?
    We know XUR entered our world near Station Square a few days from now. If we have all seven Chaos emeralds when he tries to emerge, we can stop him and send him back.
    Well, we've got three. You left the fourth one on the ARK.
    We're going to need a lot of luck to find that one in time... It could've ended up anywhere. Thou if it got blown out into space, we're screwed.
    Debris from the ARK starts raining from the sky. A big blue emerald hit Shadow in the back of the head and knocks him to the ground.
    *Trespasser picks it up* number four. Good catch dad.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:23 am

    *rubs sore spot*I guess that's one way to find a Chaos Emerald, thou not the most painless... But where can we find the next?
    Trespasser, you said XUR will show up in a couple of days, but earlier you said Shad stopped him 23 years from now.
    I know a time paradox when I hear one. And that's setting off alarm bells.
    He comes though in a few days, but then he seems to disappear, we searched for him but couldn't find him. The government gave up on the search after a year. We all sort of moved on. But 23 years later he reappears and decimates Station Square. It takes us a lot to get Shadow close enough to him to attack.
    Hmm... Messing with the timestream can be dangerous. Was- Is this XUR so bad that going back in time was- is the only way?
    If you count the fact that we lost so many friends in the Fight with XUR, How much of the world he burned, it would take decades to go back to what it once was. and thats not including the family members we lost...... Like you mom.
    *looks at Rose, then back at Trespasser* I won't let that happen!
    If we go with my plan, we will never have to.
    *pulls Rose close* Then start talking. From what you've said, we haven't got much time. ... Even then, attempting to change the past can have unforseen consequences. Just your coming back could change things.

    and if we do nothing? Your future self said, contacting you was a risk, But we both knew you had a Chaos emerald, and you and me would have the best chance to stop XUR with our combined strength.
    I told you to find my younger self in the past? You do understand that's a bit much to take in. Any proof?
    Trespasser reaches behind his back and pulls out a gold ring.
    This is one of your wrist rings Shadow, you took them off during the fight with XUR.

    *takes ring and examines it throughly* Hmm. *goes limp with shock* I-it is mine. *hands ring back and stares at Trespasser* Yo-you really are... You're my son?!?
    *clings to Shadow, eyes wide* (softly) Our son...
    we know Tails has a Chaos Emerald, and I bet you Sonic will have one. As for the last one I have no idea.
    Doesn't Eggman usually have one?
    *nods* About eight or nine times out of ten, yes, he does.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:29 am

    Well, guess this means we need to split up again. I'll go get the Emeralds Sonic and Tails have and you can signal me when you find Eggman's base. Then we will take him together.
    Sonds like a plan to me. And Trespasser, watch your back. You never know when Eggman might find you. Especially if you go around Blue.
    Alright Dad. I'll bet you, I get Soinc and Tail's Chaos Emealds before you find Eggman's base.
    *Trespasser runs off*

    Hmph. We'll see about that. Come on, Rose!
    *follows Shadow* Catch ya later, Trespasser!

    Sometime later.
    Shadow and Rosa are outside Eggman's base when Shadow sees an explosion far of in the distance.

    That was a Chaos Blast?
    *Shadow grabs Rosa*
    Chaos Control!

    Shadow and Rosa appear just in time to see a flash as Trespasser uses Chaos Control to teleport away. They look around and see a bunch of Eggman's robots smashed.

    What happened here? Why did Trespasser run? He saw us, didn't he?
    Well, it's obvious what happened to the robots. *nudges one with foot* They're still mostly whole. Must have been a weak shot. Maybe Sonic or Tails is nearby and they can tell us. Failing that, I can always track Trespasser through the energy trail.
    I thought you told me Chaos Control was imposible to trace.
    No machine can, because it's so minute and fluxuates wildly. I can sense the energy signature left by Chaos Control, but only when I really focus on it.
    Hey, look! *runs over to face down prone figure* Tails! *rolls Tails onto his back*
    *comes over, keeping an eye out for more trouble* Tails, can you hear me? What happened here?
    Tails "Trespasser came to me, said he needed the Chaos Emeralds. I said ok, and we went looking for Sonic, we were attacked by eggman, and his robots. Trespasser used a Chaos blast, I was to close.
    Well, you're lucky it was a weak one, otherwise you might not be telling us this right now. Did Trespasser say anything that would be any clue as to why he left so suddenly?
    *shakes head* I have a bad feeling about this...

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:45 am

    Flash. Trespasser reappears behind Shadow and Rosa, holding a yellow and a gray Chaos Emerald. Trespasser looks at them.
    What are you doing here...
    Looks at Rosa Helping Tails.
    Is he alright?
    Yes, no thanks to you!
    Trespasser, you really should be more careful using Chaos Blast, especially if someone you don't intend to target is in the area. Although it's a good thing you held back. Otherwise he'd be worse off.
    Why'd you run out like that right after we showed up? Didn't you see us?
    Tails: *looks from Shadow to Trespasser to Rosalyn and back* You all know eachother?
    Trespasser looks at tails.
    It's a long story.
    But Eggman got the drop on us, knock me down and took my Chaos Emerald. He sent his robots to cover his escape, I forgot Tails was with me. I blasted the robots, and teleported to Eggman, I didn't see you. But I got my emerald back and got Eggman's. Now we have to hurry and find sonic and get the last emerald, we have less then a hour before XUR will come into our would. The vortex he will use is probably already visible.

    Trespasser walk off.
    Trespasser, wait!
    *stops him*
    There may be an easier way to find Sonic. *tuns to Tails* Do you know where he is?

    No, but I can call him!
    If he comes to us, that would save us the trouble of hunting all over for him. (to Tails)Call him. (to Trespasser) While we wait, tell us everything you can about XUR and what he's capable of.
    Well The vortex he used to enter our world is visible by now. Back in my timeline before I was born, we found the vortex, but didn't know what it was, until something came out if it. A black cloudy figure came out. It used it power to push us all away, and it attack Station Square, We tried to fight it but, It disappeared shortly after it's attack.
    It reappeared 23 years later, a lot stronger, it proclaimed it self Emperor of the world. Those who stood in it's way would die. We all tried to stop it. Only Shadow and I were the ones who got close enough to attack it.
    Shadow defeated him but the damage had already been done.
    Shadow was in no concision to fight any more so he sent me to stop XUR before he could enter our world. He gave me his wrist ring as proof and used the last of his power to send me back.
    So you see, the fight with XUR cost me everything.

    (solemnly)I see. We'll nip the problem in the bud this time.
    But what exactly can XUR do?
    True. Your explaination is rather vague about XUR's powers.
    Um, Trespasser? What do you mean when you say that you lost everything when Shadow was finished?
    When XUR reappeared, He was in his cloud form, a black cloud. None of our attacks were effective we simple passed right though him. Sonic and Shadow were the most persistent in the attack, but XUR enveloped Sonic and when he released him he was dead, so XUR must have some power to drain life. We all attack as hard as we could. But it was no use, he took us down one at a time.
    But he tried to leave the fight, Rosa tried to stop him but he enveloped her to, me and Shadow attacked but it was to late. It then enveloped Shadow, I was close enough to grab him and we combined our power into one strong Chaos Blast. It seemed effective as XUR recombined himself into a more solid form. Shadow, was weak for the life draining but attacked XUR with everything he had. Finally XUR colapsed to the ground, But before Shadow could finish him, he went back in time. Shadow used his power to send me back in time. He was already weak, the last thing I saw, was Shadow collapse to the ground.
    XUR cost me my world, my friends, and my family.
    As for XUR's power, I don't know. Beside the life draining, him be a shadow form. I just don't know What he is capable of. That is why I need the Chaos Emeralds To seal the vortex before he can come in. I don't want to face him.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:59 am

    *pulls Rosalyn close* Things won't turn out that way again. For one thing, we're better prepared this time. We can't, won't let XUR win.
    Sonic's on his way. He'll be here in ten minutes. I'm sure he'll want to help you fight XUR. I wanna help, too! I'm sorry you lost your family to XUR, Trespasser.
    Ok, Tails tell Sonic to meet us at the Vortex, I know right where it is. Things will be different this time.
    Ok. Uh, where exactly is the vortex?
    It's just outside of Station Square, in an isolated valley to the south.
    Ok. Sonic says he'll meet us there.
    Then why are we wasting time here?
    Chaos Control!
    They all stand at the edge of a hill overlooking a vally, and in the center, is a black vortex.

    This is it, this is where it all started.
    And where it will end this time.
    Hey! What's all the hubbub about? Shadow? Tails didn't say anything about you.
    Yes I did!
    No, you just told me to show up here and that it was important. *shrugs and turns to Trespasser* I haven't seen you before, but you look kinda familiar... Who are you?
    I'm trespasser, Shadow and Rosa are my parents. I've come back in time to stop a demonic creature from killing us all and taking control of the world.
    *Looks at trespasser*
    Just take my word for it.
    They all walk down the hill to the vortex.
    I'm ready. *Looks to Shadow* Hand me the Chaos emeralds.
    We'll do this together. ... Son. *looks at Sonic* Your Emerald...
    I got it right here. *holds up Emerald*
    Trespasser and Shadow stand side by side. They concentrate there power as the Emeralds circle around them.
    A beam of light shoots right though Shadows chest.
    Shadow grabs his chest, drops to his knees, then face first into the ground.
    Rosa runs to Shadow.
    Shadow? Shadow!

    Why Trespasser? Why would you kill your father?
    It's like I said, he's the only one who stopped me.
    In the flesh, or should I say your son's flesh. 23 years, you serached for me and 23 years I was under your nose. In the body of you son.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:57 am

    You- You MONSTER!
    I don't think this was part of the plan!
    Get him! Rosalyn, get out of here!
    *feels for Shadow's pulse, it's weak but there* *gathers Emeralds* Chaos Control! *manages to get somewhere in a forest far away, is unsure of location* (crying)Shadow... Shadow... No!
    Don't talk! Save your strength!
    No, Shadow, don't die on me. Do you hear? DO NOT DIE ON ME!!!!!!
    *breathing slows, pulse almost nonexistent*
    No! *grabs Emeralds and desperately pours their energy into Shadow's broken body* *tears stream down her face* Shadow... *collapses exhausted over Shadow* *hears very weak but steady heartbeat* *her tears soak Shadow's fur*
    Rose hears an explosion looks back to see a Chaos Blast. She knows it's XUR.
    Then she see's a flash as XUR teleport right to them.

    I can't let you leave. Shadow is the only one who can stop me.
    Rosa charges XUR knocking hard against a tree.
    She charges again.

    Trespasser rolls out of the way.
    MOM! Wait he's out of me!

    XUR, He can poses people. But he's out of me, I don't kno....
    Trespasser looks behind Rosa, She turns to see Shadow rise to his feet.

    You will pay for that.
    Trespasser steps in front of Rosa.
    You'll have to go though me first.

    *Shadow/XUR shots a ball of energy at Trespasser. He is hit and thrown back.*
    Come Rosa, Attack your Shadow.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:15 am

    Shadow! *grabs him and holds him still* I can't hurt you. I could never hurt you and you know that. I know you're in there. Fight him, Shadow! Don't let him control you! *kisses Shadow deeply* Do it for me.
    *Chaos Emeralds rise into the air*
    AAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XUR! GET OUT OF ME!!!
    *flash of light*
    *in super form, stands holding Rosalyn* *burst of power has shattered his wristbands*
    Dad!?!? What is this! I never saw you do this before!
    Everything will be ok, Rose. *looks up at black cloud* XUR, you just made thebiggest mistake of your life! *surrounds Rosalyn and Trespasser with shield of Chaos energy, protecting them from XUR's possession* Now it's just you and me.
    The black cloud shoots straight into the ground Shadow doesn't know where it is. It shoots up right under super Shadow, and Grabs him and throws him to the ground.
    Shadow quickly gets up and fly's to XUR, and passes right though him.
    Hahaha Did you forget what I said.
    Shadow fly's right into him again but stops.
    Chaos Blast!

    The black cloud is blown into pieces, but they stop and shoot back around Shadow.
    The cloud enters Super Shadow. He floats to the ground.
    Your not strong enough Shadow.
    The shield around Rosa, and Trespasser disappears
    Yes he is
    The fight 23 years form know, I needed Shadow to drive you from my body, And after the fight you tried to poses Shadow, but you left him right away and repossessed me,
    He's to strong for you.

    XUR! GET! LOST! RRRAHH!!! *blasts XUR out of him*
    *black pieces fly in every direction, swarm everywhere in an attempt to disorent Shadow*
    *closes eyes and stands still*
    *black blobs regroup and come up on Shadow's right*
    He knows what he's doing. Watch.
    *eyes snap open, whirls at last second* YAH!! *gold bands around ankles shatter as unleshes most powerful Chaos Blast ever* (Shadow no longer has any bands on, they are all in shards)
    *energy passes harmlessly over Rosalyn and Trespasser*

    How did we survive that!?
    Shadow would never hurt us. His power was focused on XUR.
    *stands over black puddle* Had enough yet?

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:28 am

    black puddle HmmmHmmmHaahahaha
    Take your time Shadow, I already arrived.

    Trespasser's eyes open wide.
    The vortex! Past XUR!

    The black puddle turns back into a cloud and fly's towards the vortex.
    The three of them chase after it.
    Them catch up to it but it to late, the cloud fly's over the vortex, as a second cloud emerges from it. The two clouds circle each other.

    This just got a whole lot harder.
    Trespasser and Rosa find Sonic and Tails on the ground, hurt but alive.
    Unh... Shadow... 'live? How...?
    Like this. *uses Chaos Emeralds' energy to heal Sonic and Tails*
    Oww, my head. Shadow!
    We can trade stories later. We've got trouble*points at two clouds which have now merged to become one*
    XUR better not think about trying to escape by hiding inside someone this time around. If he does, I'll rip him from his hiding place!
    How 'bout sharing a little Chaos while you're at it?
    Help yourself.
    Looks at Trespasser* Care to join us?
    Trespasser hesitated. “I don’t know if I can. I’ve never tried. This is the first time I’ve even seen you do it.”
    Shadow put his hand on Trespasser’s shoulder. “You can. You’re my son.”
    Nervous, Trespasser took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and reached into the Chaos Emeralds’ power the way Shadow had taught him when he was young. Digging deeper than ever before, Trespasser pulled the energy into his being instead of releasing it.
    A sensation of power and strength stole over him as the Chaos energies wove their way into every cell of his body. A brilliant muted glow made him open his eyes. He felt a rush that was intense, exhilarating, electric. Looking down at himself, he saw that his smoky grey fur had turned a golden white-blond color just like his father’s.
    So this is super form, Trespasser thought in awe. This is incredible! I’ve never felt so alive! A smile touched his lips.
    *looks at him self in super form and smiles.*

    When your done admiring yourself, we have work to do.
    *Trespasser smiles and the three of them charge the black cloud, which splits into three as they pass though it. Each cloud goes after one of them.*
    Shadow quickly Chaos blasts his cloud.
    Sonic Fly's though his cloud and slams it into the ground.
    Trespasser, still learning his super form, fly's circles around his cloud. He stop's and charges up and fly's at full speed right though the cloud ripping it apart.
    Rosalyn and Tails: *watch with bated breath*
    Is that it?
    I don't know.
    (to Sonic and Trespasser) That...seemed just a little too easy for my liking. *looks around for something amiss*
    Aww, you're just being paranoid. We got those blob things but good!
    *turns to Sonic* No, I think Dad's right. I- I-.......
    *turns around* What- ? *jaw drops*
    What? Why are you staring at me? *turns to see huge black cloud looming over him* o.0 MOOOOOMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!
    *cloud smothers Sonic*
    Yes, his power should do nicely. Hahahahaha! Now, come, meet your doom!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:57 am

    Ah, will this never end!
    Don't give up,
    Even with the three of us super, we can't seem to stop him.
    We just need more power.
    Shadow looks to Rosa and Tails.
    Shadow and Trespasser fly down to them.
    This will take a lot of concentration.
    I got it.
    With Rosa and Tails in between Shadow and Trespasser, they use there power to change Tails and Rosa to their super form.
    charges them.
    Whoa! *dodges Sonic/XUR*
    Let me play with you, little buddy! *slashes Tails with burst of dark energy*
    Uh... *passes out and falls to the ground*
    *catches Tails and sets him on ground*
    *gasps* *turns to see Sonic/XUR almost on top of her*
    *Shadow & Trespasser blast Sonic/XUR from two sides, forcing him away from Rosalyn*
    *hits Sonic/XUR from below while he dodges Shadow & Trespasser*
    Oof! Well, that at least managed to knock my breath away.
    You'll have lost more than that once we're through with you! CHAOS...
    *all hit Sonic/XUR at the same time*
    *falls to ground and hits it hard*
    *cloud floats up from Sonic* Well, you may have managed to hurt me with that stunt, but you also just killed your blue friend down there! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    They all attack XUR. But trespasser doesn't, he stands there and watches the fight. He closes his eyes as he realizes what he must do.
    XUR! I'm the one you want! Take me!
    The cloud quickly envelopes Trespasser.
    Shadow rushes to him and grabs Trespasser/XUR. But he grabs him back and throws him to the side.
    Shadow gets up to try again but looks into Trespasser's/XUR's eyes and sees it's just Trespasser. XUR didn't take full control of him. XUR's cloud surrounds trespasser as it tries to get in completely.

    I'm sorry dad. It's the only way.
    Close the vortex. Then help Sonic.
    XUR "You think you can stop me, I am your Emperor, I and I alone hold the secrets to this world!
    Trespasser charges up all he has and fly's at full speed into the vortex dragging XUR with him.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:15 am

    *tears flow freely* *raises hand* (whispers)Chaos Control. *turns head to avoid watching*
    *vortex is sealed*
    *hovers beside Shadow, crying* Trespasser... *clings to Shadow*
    ... We haven't lost him. Not entirely. *puts hand on stomach*
    *puts hand over Rosalyn's* Trespasser...
    *both descend to the ground*
    *is injured and kneeling over Sonic* Can you help, like you did before?
    Only if he still lives. Nothing can bring back the dead. *gets good look at Sonic*
    *lying spread-eagle, angle of his body makes it obvious that both arms are broken, both legs are broken, back is broken, and neck is broken*
    *bends over Sonic's neck and checks carotid artery* I can't feel a pulse... He's not breathing, either.
    Then... There is nothing I can do to help him...

    Suddenly there is an explosion from behind them. They look as the vortex reopens.
    A figure steps out.

    You could say that.
    The figure steps into the light.
    It's trespasser but his fur is completely black, and his eyes are all white. Dark gray flames surround him.
    You should see it over there. Nothing but dark energy. So much dark energy.
    Your power, You've gone Super Dark. I can feel it. It's...
    So strong. Hmm Dark Trespasser. I like it.
    You should return to normal.
    I've never felt so much power, you might not be able to control it.
    *Trespasser looks at shadow.*
    I won't give it up. You can't stop me!

    Trespasser, listen to me. You can't even begin to fathom what I'm sensing from you. You may think everything is fine, but it's not! It's too dark, too strong! Release the energy! Get rid of it! If you don't, it will slowly consume your mind and soul.
    Trespasser, please. You're starting to scare me.
    The power, You have no idea what I'm feeling!
    *Shadow tries to think of a way to take away the dark power*
    Then use it.
    Shadow steps to the side and shows Trespasser the body of Sonic.

    The gray fire around Trespasser dies down his eyes become visible.

    There's nothing I can do.
    Trespasser rushes over to him. They all step back. Trespasser puts his hands over sonic. A ball of gray fire engulfs them both.
    It's ok.
    The fire dies down, two figures are standing there.
    Sonic and Trespasser.

    Trespasser's fur changes back the fire goes out and he falls to the ground exhausted.
    Are you feeling ok now?
    Yeah, It was incredible. The power, and XUR's universe it was nothing but dark energy, all around you. That's what gave me the power to go dark, push XUR from me, and reopen the vortex just for me. I could do anything.
    Looks like I owe you my life, Trespasser.
    So what happens now?
    *everyone looks at Rosalyn, confused*
    Are you going to return to your own time, Trespasser?
    That... May be easier said than done.
    *everyone now looks at Shadow, confused again*
    That particular future doesn't exist anymore, now that it's past, this present, has been changed. *looks to Trespasser* What will you do?

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:43 am

    I hadn't thought of that.
    If that's true then I shouldn't of had a reason to go back in time, and I shouldn't be here.
    But it's also said that if you go back in time to change the past you become part of a separate third time line, so I'm my own separate being.

    And yet you're still here with us.
    Trespasser, you know that you're always welcome to stay with your father and me.
    Thank you but I can't. I must try to return to my time. I don't think theres room in this time line for two Trespassers
    I hate to rain on your parade, but you can't return to a time that no longer exists. It's just not possible. *shakes head sadly*
    Then it must be true, I'm part of a third time line. The time I came from no long exists.
    *Trespasser lowers his head. but then looks up.*
    Unless there's another reason I travel back in time.

    *They all look at each other worried.*
    *Trespasser looks at Shadow.*
    What was it that XUR said, about knowing the secrets to this world?

    He said only he knew.
    I wonder what he meant.
    Perhaps you are meant to ferret out these secrets. But where would you even begin?
    If you want, Rose and I can accompany you...
    Alright we have, two questions.
    one, Why did XUR come back only 23 years? He wanted to kill Shadow that was his plan all along. He could of come back when Shadow was still in the stasis chamber, or gone back to before Shadow was created and stopped it.
    Two, Why did XUR destroy Station Square? Then enter me. What was it about Station Square?

    I have also been wondering why XUR focused on you so much.
    *sighs* So many questions... Where do we start?
    They all talk amongst them self's, Trying to think of the next thing to do. But Trespasser stay back and walks to the edge of a hill and looks at the horizon.
    Shadow sees him and walks up next to him.

    You all right?
    It's just so much to take in, my futures gone, my past erased. Who am I now?
    *stares Trespasser in the eye* Trespasser. In and of itself, that is just a name. You are my son. Who came back through time to save us all from a terrible end. Who returned XUR to his own world and revived Sonic. *pulls Trespasser into a hug* And I'm proud to call you my son.
    (strained)Oof! Dad, I can't breath!
    *lets go* Sorry.
    *Look's at Shadow*
    Alright, Let's ....
    Trespasser drops to his knees and grabs his head.

    *Shadow rushes over to him.*
    Trespasser what's wrong?

    I can hear him.
    *The others rush over*
    Whats wrong?
    I see it.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:02 pm

    *looks all around in confusion* What's up now?
    Is Trespasser ok?
    *shrugs and puts hand on Trespasser's shoulder* Trespasser?
    I don't know what it is. It just happened. (to Trespasser) You said you saw something? What did you see?
    *Trespasser, on his hands and knees.*
    I heard his voice.

    *They all look at each other concerned.*
    I thought he was gone?
    He is, I don't understand.
    He was inside you for 23 years. It sounds like some part of him might still be with you, a personality or memories.
    I saw something, I think it's what he was looking for in Station Square. I...I think... I can't remember it now. It's fading.
    I don't want him inside me anymore! I want him out for good! Dad, can you do something?

    Maybe... But I don't know what.
    What if we tried to find whatever it was in Station Square? Maybe that would tell us something?
    *looks at Rosalyn*
    Do you think...maybe you could recognize whatever was in this...image if you saw it again?
    ...Yes. No. Maybe?
    It does seem to be our only clue.
    Then we should check it out. The sooner the better. (to Trespasser) Can you stand?
    Yeah... *looks shaken* Let's go.
    *They all walk to Station Square*
    Anything look familiar?
    *Trespasser looks around*

    *They all stop and look around*
    *Trespasser gets a feeling and walks off, He walks around the corner and the others follow him*
    *Trespasser points to a building*

    *There all look*
    The Museum.
    He came here looking for some kind of old relic?
    It must be something very old, something that's true signifigance has been forgotten.
    That sounds right...
    Lead the way, Trespasser.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:09 pm

    They all walk up the stairs to the door of the museum. Trespasser opens the door. They all look around at the exhibits.
    This way.
    Trespasser lead them though the museum, to a side door. They look around to see if anyone watching them, and they go inside. They go down stairs.
    Where are we going?
    It's not on display, it's in the basement, in the archives.
    There not going to let us in there.
    We'll Chaos Control to the room.
    Right. *warps all to archives room*
    What is it a newspaper or something? What would be so special about a newspaper or picture?
    No idea.
    How should I know?
    That's what we're here to find out.
    Start looking around for anything.
    *They all start looking. Flipping though books, opening draws.*
    *Trespasser looks at an old newspaper, and get a feeling.
    He walks down a row of shelves, to a more open area.*
    Shadow, I don't think your going to like this.

    *tears archives apart in search*
    *searches more methodicly and carefully than Sonic*
    Why not?
    *Rosalyn joins Shadow and Trespasser* Hey, as long as XUR doesn't come flying at us from out of nowhere, it can't be that bad. ... Can it?
    *Shadow walks to Trespasser and Rosa and sees what the fuss is about. He looks at what there are looking at.*

    *A glass case and inside is a large gem attached to a gold crescent moon shape with spikes.*
    *Shadow instantly recognizes it. As one of the gems Black doom wore on himself.*

    *Trespasser holds up the newspaper he's holding. Showing a picture of Black Dooms attack.*
    Whatever XUR was looking for Black Doom put it here.

    *swiftly checks other cases* I don't see anything else here that I recognize as once belonging to Doom. ... So far we have few answers and more questions. *glances at jewel again and shudders*
    I wonder what's back there. *points towards poorly lit corner of room with yet more cases and shelves*
    *comes over* Hey, Tails and I haven't really found anything.
    We haven't looked overthere yet. *indicates corner that Rosalyn pointed out* ......
    *looks at area* For some strange reason, I don't really want to go over there... Something's giving me the creeps...
    You, too? I thought it might just be me.
    We've looked everywhere else though.
    *They all walk to the dime lit corner, which ends in a door. Locked.*
    Wait here.
    *Trespasser teleports to the other side, and unlocks the door.*

    *They all walk in.*
    *In the center of the room is a large red glowing stone.*

    What is it?
    The core, It's the core of the Black Comet. It's what they used to power it.
    That must have been what XUR was after then!
    What's it doing here of all places?
    *eyes closed and head in hand*
    Hey, Shadow, you O.K.?
    *all look at Shadow*
    *looks up* Huh? Yeah. It's just...seeing this stuff brings back unpleasant memories...
    *puts hand on Shadow's shoulder*
    Tails does have a point though, what's the core doing here in a Station Square museum basement?
    It's the perfect hiding spot. Everyone would think something like this to be in some big guarded facility, not in some basement at a museum basement. In plane sight, this would be the last place someone would look.
    *They all look*

    What was that?
    *Shadow steps towards the door when.*
    *An explosion takes out the wall behind them.*
    *They all take cover, then recover from the blast.*

    (to Trespasser)You were saying.
    *As the dust settles a familiar voices speaks out.*
    Muhahaha, I came here to get your Chaos Emeralds, but this is so much better.
    *Eggman pushes a button and a giant claw crashes though the ceiling, and grabs the stone.*
    So long, vermin
    *Eggman retreats to his new Egg Carrier. with the Stone*

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:12 pm

    *everyone gets up and looks at hole left by Eggman*
    *alarm starts ringing*

    We need to get out of here before someone finds us.
    We have to go after Eggman! There's no telling what he could to with that core!
    Then let's move!
    *all leave through hole Eggman was kind enough to leave behind*
    *They all come running out side the museum, and watch as Eggman fly's away in the Egg Carrier.*

    Who's ready for a race?
    I'm in.
    What about them?
    *Trespasser points to Tails and Rosa*

    We'll take my plane, the Tornado.
    All right let's get him.
    Trespasser, Sonic, and Shadow run after the Egg Carrier, and Tails and Rosa go get the Tornado.
    Eggman's in for a nasty surprise. He probably thinks we're busy dealing with museum guards.
    He's mad because I took his Emerald earlier...
    That's Eggy for ya! Throw the slightest little wrinkle into his plans and he gets so steamed he could hard boil himself.
    *sees Egg Carrier gaining distance* Less talking! More running! *increases pace*
    *Trespasser and Sonic match Shadow's pace*

    *In the air*
    Step on it! We need to catch up with them!
    We will. Why so upset?
    Because, I was the one left to carry the Chaos Emeralds!
    What! You mean-?
    There's not a single Emerald between the three of them.
    Hang on! *pushes Tornado to top speed*

    Were catching up.
    Now we need to get up there.
    Let's go.
    *Sonic runs up the side of a building, and Shadow teleports to the top of another building.*
    Ahhh...You guys keep going, I'll take the low road.
    *Shadow jumping form the top of one building to the next.*
    What do you mean the low road? There is no low road. The Egg Carrier is up there.

    Ok, I see a way up.
    *Trespasser runs up a hill and all three jump to the Egg Carrier. They all catch the side of the carrier.*
    *Trespasser grips the side of the Carrier tight.*
    Trespasser, come on.
    *They climb up the side of the ship to the top.*
    *Sonic looks up.*
    There's Rosa and Tails

    *The tornado fly's over them.*
    Were slowing down?
    No... It's not us. Something's wrong with the Tornado!

    Tails! What's happening? We just flew past them.
    It's not me! The controls won't respond! I think I pushed the engine too hard!
    *smoke billows from the engine*
    It's no use! We're going down. Jump! *throws Rosalyn(with Chaos Emeralds) from the plane*

    *bloodcurdling scream* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey! Who is that?
    *Shadow and Trespasser grab Rosalyn as she falls past them*
    Rose! Are you ok!?
    (shakie voice)Ye-yeah. I'm f-fine. T-t-t-terrified, but fine.
    *small explosion as Tornado crashes*
    *Shadow, Trespasser, and Rosalyn glance at Sonic, then turn to see the fireball*
    Rose, where's Tails?
    H-he was still in the plane. He threw me out.
    NO! TAILS!!! Tails...

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:40 am

    *Trespasser runs to the side of the Egg carrier and look at the smoke form fire ball. Trespasser lowers his head in sadness, but his eyes catch something. A small orange shape, slowly floating to the ground.*
    Hey come look at this.

    *They rush over, as Trespasser points to something on the ground. An orange dot slowly following them.*
    He must have jumped out at the last second and flew to the ground.
    Humph, tough little fellow.
    He can't keep up, we have to slow the ship down.

    *As there all watch tails, a large metallic shape rises up behind them.*
    *cocks ear back and hears a strange hum* Where have I heard that sound before...? DOWN! *forces everyone else flat as laser pulse fires*
    *turn to see robot*
    Holy-! That is one big robot!

    Looks like Eggy's decided to supersize his machines.
    Watch out!
    *all scatter as robot fires again*
    *A huge burst of smoke comes form the robot as it fire a dozen missiles at once.*

    *They all run trying to avoid the missiles now raining down all over the deck of the Egg Carrier.*
    *Sonic stays ahead of the missiles.*
    *Trespasser catches the blast of one but rolls out of the way and keeps going.*
    *Rosa, holding all the Chaos emeralds, tries desperately to avoid the explosions*
    *Shadow comes up behind her and picks her up and jumps over a missile as explodes right under them.*
    You ok?

    Thanks to you. Here. *hands Shadow a Chaos Emerald*
    ...Sometimes, it's almost like you can read my mind. YAAH!! *destroys robot with Chaos Spear*
    (yelling)Trespasser! Sonic! you two okay?
    Ha, no problem. You ready for the next one?
    *Trespasser watches the explosion form the robot.*
    This is actually kinda fun.

    *Shadow lands next to him. With a smile, says.*
    It get's better.

    *Rosa rolls her eyes.*
    You "guys".
    *She then throws a Chaos emerald to Sonic and Trespasser.*
    O.K. Since when are you the Emerald carrier?
    Shad just stuffed 'em in my hand and told me to hold.
    Heads up! We've got company!
    Hmph. Bring it.
    *six more robots storm the deck*

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:06 am

    Well Sonic, Shadow got the first robot.
    Let see if we can even the score.
    Humph, Good luck.
    *The three of the charge. Shadow Chaos Blasts two, Sonic smashes two more.*
    *Trespasser jumps feet first into the chest of one and pushes off it. Sending it tumbling backwards, and rolling into the intake of one of the engines of the Egg Carrier.*
    *Trespasser could feel the heat from the explosion. Then he felt cold steel around him. Then he realized the last robot had him in it's hand, and it was holding him over the side of the Egg Carrier.*

    Sonic and Shadow are surveying the remains of the other robots when--
    *Shadow and Sonic whirl just in time to see the robot drop Trespasser*
    NO!!!!!!!!! *runs to side and dives off after Trespasser* *pulls arms close to increse terminal velocity as he falls*
    *swiftly catches up to Trespasser and grabs his arm*

    Dad! What are we going to do now!
    *holds up Chaos Emerald*
    Chaos Control.

    *Flash. Trespasser and Shadow reappear on the deck of the Egg Carrier.*
    *They see sonic kick that robot over the side.*

    This is no time for site seeing Trespasser.
    Good view though.
    *Over the load speakers.* Muhahaha, let's see how good your foot work is.
    *The Egg Carrier starts to roll on to it's side. *
    *The group can feel themselves slide across the deck.*

    *They all start running to the other side of the Carrier, trying to stay on the top.*
    *Egg carrier suddenly lurches to other side, sending everyone flying*

    *grabs a rail with one hand*
    *falls past*
    *grabs Rosalyn with free hand*
    *grabs Trespasser*
    *grabs Sonic*
    Ugh, whatever happens, nobody let go!
    Muhahaha. Didn't see that coming did you. muhaha.
    *They all look to the right and see as one section of the rail there holding is blown off. Then the next closest, then the next.*

    You have got to be kidding.
    *And finally the one there holding.*

    *Someone grabs Shadow's hand he looks up.*
    *Tails, straining to hold them all up.*
    I couldn't stand missing all the fun.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:58 am guys are heavy!
    Tails! You're alive!
    Good to see you, too Sonic. ... I can't carry all of you much longer...
    Chaos Control!
    *all land in a heap inside the Egg carrier*
    Your crushing me.
    Sorry. helps Sonic up.
    *Shadow helps Rosa up.*
    Where are we?
    Inside the Egg Carrier.
    But where?
    Uhh, I don't know.
    What do you mean?
    When I teleported us in here, there was something else. Something was pulling us. I almost couldn't control it.
    The stone, I can feel it.
    So can I.
    I don't like this. It's making my fur stand on end.
    *stiffles a laugh as he notices Shadow fur appears bushy*
    Why was it pulling us?
    Good question. I have a feeling we may not like the answer.
    Let's get moving before Eggman finds us.
    Yeah, but stay close together.
    *They all walk out slowly into the hallway.*
    *Trespasser stays low against the wall, and slowly looks around a corner.*
    *Shadow walks right out into the middle of the hallway.*
    (To trespasser) Does the sneaking around help.

    Yeah it does.
    How much farther?
    Were close.
    Eggmans not going to make this easy.
    He never does.
    *The next doorway leads them to a huge round room. With the stone in the center.*
    Stay ready.
    *takes step*
    *lasers, robot drones, and various other security measures spring up*
    -_- Nice going, Blue.
    *Trespasser looks to Sonic and Shadow, with a smile.*
    Shall we get started.
    *Sonic, Shadow, and Trespasser run out and attack.*
    *Rosa and Tails lose track of them, as they run though explosion after explosion.*
    *Unknown to Rosa and Tails, a robot comes from the hallway behind them.*

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:05 am

    Where are they?
    I can't see them.
    *robot grabs them*
    ACK!! SHAAAAAAAAADOOOOOOOOW! *throws Chaos Emeralds*
    *robot carries them off to Eggman, as per orders, ignores Chaos Emeralds*
    *Distracted, Sonic is blasted by a missile, and is knocked out.*

    *Also distracted, Shadow is smacked by a robot and thrown into the wall, knock out.*

    *now, trespasser runs after them. But then grabbed by a robot.*
    Chaos Blast!
    *The robot is destroyed, But another robot quickly grabs him and slams him into the floor.*
    *Trespasser blacks out.*

    *Trespasser wakes up. His hands are tided tightly behind his back. He gets up on his knees and looks around. He's in a cage, alone, trapped.*

    *screen buzzes to life*
    Well, well, well. You're awake. Little pest. Did you really think you could take my Emerald and get away so easily?
    Heheheheh! You are going to suffer for stealing from me! Although I should thank you. Because of you, I now have the core of the black comet and all seven Chaos Emeralds. But first...why are your abilities so similar to Shadow's?
    Tell me! *pushes button and shocks Trespasser*
    AGH! ... You want to know the truth? Shadow is my dad.
    *stares dumbfounded* Impossible!
    It's true. And Rosalyn is my mom. I came back in time to prevent a horrible future from occuring. Now that that future no longer exists, I'm stuck in this time.
    I'll talk to you later. *screen goes black*

    *has managed to work restraints from hands* Rose. Rose, wake up!
    Rose, are you ok?
    I think so...
    *pulls Rosalyn into sitting position* What happened to you?
    That robot got me and Tails. It took us to Eggman, who told it to throw us in cells for the time being.
    *works Rosalyn's restraints off* Well, we are in a prison cell. We were in here together when I came to.
    Where are the others? *rubs freed wrists*
    I don't know. We need to find them. *opens a hole in the wall with a small, carefully controled Chaos Blast* Come on. I sense Trespasser's energy this way.

    Sonic! SONIC!
    Ow, my head...
    Sonic, wake up!
    Tails...can't I sleep a little longer?
    We're Eggman's prisoners.
    WHAT! *wakes up fully* Hey, what's wrong with my hands?
    We're in restraints. And in a cell. With no way out.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:17 am

    I can get us out.
    *Sonic charges up a spin dash, and goes, braking his restraints and opening the cage.*
    *He goes back and frees tail's*

    Let's go.

    He's close.

    *Meanwhile Trespasser still tries to free himself from his restraints.*
    *The screen turns back on.*

    Hmm. It looks like you friends are faster then you. They already managed to free themselves and are looking for each other.
    Your watching them?
    Of course. I think your "parents" will like the surprise I have for them. When the come in this room.

    He's in here.
    Let's go.
    *Shadow kicks the door down.*
    *Trespasser turns to them.*

    *hears Trespasser's call* Hang on, we're coming!
    No! Don't! Don't come in here! Mom! Dad! Stay back!
    *they hesitate*
    (calls to Trespasser)What's wrong?
    *Shadow takes a step forward, and trips a laser trap.*
    *The floor around Trespasser falls away, but a few sections remain and they start spinning and rotating.*
    *They can see the ground hundreds of feet below.*

    What do we do?
    Watch this.
    *Shadow teleports away then reappears in the same spot.*

    Watch what?
    Chaos Control!
    *Nothing happenes.*
    Muhahaha. With the Core of the Black Comet, neutralizing you Chaos ability's, you can do nothing. Muhaha.
    *Slowly the hatch under Trespasser's cage angles down.*
    *Trespasser starts to slide. With nothing under him but the ground hundreds of feet below*

    Uh. Dad. I got a little problem here!
    *sees cable with hook on the end* I have an idea! *grabs cable* If we hook this to the cage...!
    What about the missing floor sections?!
    *cage slides further* DAAAAAAD!!!
    *steps back*
    What are you-?
    I'm coming, Trespasser! Hold on! *runs forward and jumps, swinging from cable*
    Ha. Go Tarzan.
    *lands on top of cage* Hang on, I just need to clip this to the bars, and... Got it!
    *floor tilts, cage slides completely out of Eggcarrier, is held by cable, sudden movement throws Shadow off*
    *grabs bar of cage* I'm slipping!
    *turns back to Shadow* Can you undo my hands?
    *reaches up and unties Trespasser, then looses his grip*
    *grabs Shadow* I got you Dad!
    *glances down* Whatever you do, don't let go!

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:30 am

    *Rosa sees Trespasser holding Shadow.*
    *With a second of mental preparation, Rosa runs and jumps to the first spinning section of catwalk.*
    Rosa no.
    I'm coming Shadow. Trespasser hold on to him.
    I got him.
    *Rosa then jumps to the next section, and the next.*
    *Trespasser and Shadow watch with surprise to see how easily Rosa gets though.*
    *She jumps on top of the cage and grabs Shadow's other hand.*
    *she pull him up, and Shadow opens Trespasser's cage.*
    Let's go.
    *Rosa goes back the way she came, Shadow swings across on the cable, and throws it back Trespasser.*
    Swing across.
    *Trespasser steps forward and looks over the edge, and hesitates.*
    Come on.
    *Trespasser turns around.*
    What's wrong?
    *Trespasser runs and swings across. Then lands next to Shadow.*
    Let's go.

    *As Trespasser, Rosa, and Shadow run out the door and down the hallway. They don't see the screen that Eggman used to talk to Trespasser, turn back on.*
    (Quietly)Hmhmhm, Run you little pests. You have no idea the trap your running into.
    Screen turns off.

    *Shadow and Trespasser stare at Rosalyn*
    Mom, where did you learn moves like that!?
    I haven't been with your father for this long and not learned a few tricks.
    Where are Sonic and Tails?
    Good question. Let's find them before they wind up in anymore trouble.

    SONIC!! HELP!!
    I'm coming buddy!
    Sonic and Tails are trapped by robots, outnumbered by 7 to 1.
    *Sonic and tails are surrounded by robots, and they slowly close in.*
    *Tails starts flying and Sonic runs into the robots*
    *Sonic starts smashing them, and tails lands on the back of one, opens it and pulls out the wires, shutting it down.*
    *Then Shadow, Rosa, and Trespasser run into the room and take out more robots.*
    *Once all the robots are destroyed.*

    You guys alright.
    Doin good.
    I'm fine.
    I think it's time to pay Eggman a visit.
    He'll probable have guards.
    *doors slam shut*
    What! *goes to door and pounds on it* It's locked!
    *sniffs* Hey, do you smell something wierd?
    Like what kind of wierd?
    I don't know...
    *tendrils of vapor snake across the floor*
    This is knockout gas!
    *vapor rapidly thickens*
    *all begin coughing*

    We've got to- *cough* *cough* -get some air!
    *all cough violently*
    *coughs* I'm getting light-headed. *passes out*
    Unhhh.... *faints*
    Dad! *cough* *cough* Dad, do something... *blacks out*
    *coughs* Can't...breathe... *falls to the floor unconscious*

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:37 am

    *Some time later, Shadow is the first to come too. He finds his wrists and ankles shackled to a wall. Beside him, Rosalyn, Trespasser, Sonic, and Tails are also chained. The chains also have a strange electrical component to keep them from being broken. Eggman is sitting in a chair with his back to them.*

    Well, well, well. You have quite the story to tell me, I hear.
    Release me and I tell you.
    Hmhmhm. better yet, Why don't you all tell me.
    *Eggman presses a button and shocks all of them, and they all wake up.*
    Settle down.
    *Walks in front of Trespasser.*
    Tell me.
    *Eggman holds up the remote to shock Trespasser.*
    Alright, I told you, I'm from the future. I came back to stop an evil power from taking over the world.
    Not me, I'm disappointed in myself.
    Actually, You saved our future.
    *They all look at Trespasser confused.*
    Knowing about the core of the Black Comet and what it does. I understand now. That's what XUR wanted, with the core he could stop Shadow's Chaos ability's and defeat him. But Eggman wanted it to. You both couldn't have it, so you destroyed it. But the explosion was to much, even for you. Eggman.
    I save the world!? You lie! *shocks Trespasser*
    You've lost it, Eggman!
    *angry tone of Shadow's voice makes Eggman stop and look at him*
    If you want to hurt someone, hurt me!
    ...And why are you being so protective of him?
    He's my son.
    *laughs* I don't believe you. For one thing, you're not exactly the paternal type, Shadow. Personally, I think he's go you fooled. But if you insist... *shocks Shadow with higher voltage than he used on Trespasser*
    Enough. What do you want Eggman? To torture us?
    By all means no. I just want answers. and then I want you all out of my business.
    Can't do that Eggman.
    We know you want to take over the world.
    According to your so called son here, I'm am the lesser of two evils.
    It dosen't matter. We won't let you.
    We'll see.

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

    Post by Trespasser on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:50 am

    Now, what do you have to say, my pretty? *turns on Rosalyn and shocks her*
    ROSE!!! NO!!! *begins fighting restraints*
    *laughs* Struggle as much as you want, Shadow. You're not strong enough to break those. What!?
    *pulls one arm free, tearing the metal like paper*
    O.O Impossible! How did you...?! *sees Shadow's wristband is missing* When did you get the chance to remove your wristbands!?!
    The last time I saw them, they had shattered into pieces. Even the replacement ones around my ankles.
    B-b-b-b-but how...?
    When you run too much electricity through a circut breaker, it blows, right? Same consept.
    But that would mean that your energy output exceeded the maximum amount your wristbands were designed to restrict... Meaning that you're much stronger than my grandfather ever knew!
    *rips other arm free* Yeah, and now you're going to find that out the hard way! *reaches down and rips shackles off ankles, then rushes Eggman*
    Get him Shadow!
    Alright, Shadow!
    Go, Dad!
    *Shadow punches Eggman right in the stomach, and keeps going straight though, Eggman breaks up into dozen pieces, a dozen metal pieces.*
    *There all look confused.*

    *Shadow picks up Eggman's remote and releases the others.*
    *They all stand around the metal Eggman remains.*
    *Shadow picks up a piece of him and throws it across the room.*
    Another Eggman robot.

    Settle down Shadow.
    Even as fast as I am, he's always a step ahead.
    *Tail's picks up the head and quickly drops it as a voice comes out of it.*
    Muhahah. Always a step ahead. With the Core of the Black Comet on board you can't Teleport out of the ship.
    *They all feel the ship lean to the side.*
    Were turning.
    Where's he taking us.
    If we go to the bridge, we might find out.
    For all we know, Eggman could be planning to crash this thing and escape, leaving us trapped.
    Don't think like that!
    I've been wondering...
    What's up Tails?
    What if maybe there was another reason XUR wnated the Core other than to use it against Shadow? It seems strange to me that that's the only reason... I feel like we're overlooking something important...
    *ship lurches again*
    Whoa! Everybody hold on!
    *all grab some wall attachment and wiat for ship to stabalize*

    First things first. We have to find where this ship is going.
    *They all leave the room and head for the bridge.*
    *The doors to the bridge open, and they all ready for a fight.*
    *But the bridge is empty. they walk in.*

    How many time do I have to tell you to listen to me, Shadow.
    *Trespasser rushes to the ships wheel and tries to turn it, but it's stuck.*
    *Shadow walks up to him.*
    Can you fly a ship like this?
    Then why are you trying?
    I thought someone should.
    Then let me.
    No, I got it.
    Gimme it.
    *Sonic, Tails and Rosa roll there eyes as Shadow and Trespasser fight over the ships wheel.*

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    Re: The Trespasser Saga

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